Onyokumi Island: Here are the alleged Killers of ADOGWU 9

Onyokumi Island: Here are the alleged Killers of 9 ADOGWU

The people of Adogwu land, Ajaokuta LGA, Kogi state have called on general public and authorities in charge to save them from the hands of killers assassins invited to their land by one Onu Abokor from Idah LG.

It’s no longer news that on monthly basis, not less than 10 people are maimed and murdered in cold blood and their corpse taken away by these evil creatures. This is evident in the recent killings of Nine (9) brothers on the 5th of February, 2021.

In view of the above emperical danger presently confronting the people of Adogwu in Ajaokuta LGA of Kogi State, the people are calling on to the general public and those in position of authorities to come to their aide and get these vowel killers and their sponsor arrested and prosected according to the law.

The attack on Friday, 5th of February 2021 that claimed the lives of Nine (9) brothers who went in search of their daily meals through fishing.

This bloody Carnage has been happening under the leadership and sponsorship of Onu Abokor from Idah LG, claiming ownership to the land (Adogwu, Ajaokuta LG). It’s in historical archives that from time immemorial, Adogwu land belongs to Ajaokuta LG and five generations of the boys been sponsored to unleashed this mayhem, cruelty and attrocities on the land today have lived peacefully and respectfully paid their dues. Things went sour when the self acclaimed traditional leader (Onu Abokor) in his reincarnated evil form of rascality, brainwashed the boys to fight and claim the land instead of paying home-age to the people of Adogwu in Ajaokuta LG.

In order to set the record straight, it is worthy to note that Onyokumi Island (the very spot where these innocent youths were murdered in cold blood) is in Adogwu Land, Ajaokuta LG, but as at this moment been turned to open killing field and killers den, where Onyokumi boys under the leadership of Onu Abokor from Idah LG, uses hired thugs to perpetrate their bloody butchery.

It is worthy to note that, if urgent attention is not taken to arrest these terrorists, terrorising the peace of the land, for justice to be meant upon them. If they are allowed to continue walking freely in our society after committing these enormous wickedness and extreme criminality in the land, taking the lives of innocent souls on daily basis, and still boast within our midst, we are afraid to say, in the nearest future, not just Ajaokuta LG, but Kogi State in general may likely become a war zone, worst than what’s currently happening in the northern part of this country.

We are therefore, appealing to Nigerians, Kogites, those in position of authorities and the general public, to come to the aide of this land, the situation requires desperate attention and we have in the above offered little insight into the threat the ‘killers’ pose to the collective existence of these people.
May we kindly and humbly warn that if proactive steps are not taken now, we might soon find ourselves in ‘dishonourable grave’, hence the need for practical action with immediate alacrity to get these terrorist arrested now!!!

Below are the the names and pictures of the leaders of the terrorist group behind the bloody Massacre that took place on Friday, 5th February 2021.

1. Muhammed Yusuf Oyibo.
2. Muhammed Yusuf Kadiri (Onyokumi).
3. Ndanusa Atta Usman Shagari.
4. Ali Attah Usman.
5. Muhammed Nuhu.
6. Sanni Zubairu.
7. Nuhu Sule.
8. Shehu Jibril.
9. Sheidu Z. Atinger.
10. Adama Musa.

Onyokumi Island: Here are the alleged Killers of 9 ADOGWU

The aforementioned names report directly to Onu Abokor (the self acclaimed traditional leader) after perfecting their plans in joining forces with other terrorists bandits and Assassins from the neighbouring state to make life unbearable and meaningless to the people of Adogwu.

We want the public to beware of those faces as they are on the run already. We hope for any individual affluent & patriot to help us interefere in this matter. The killing & treath has not stop.

From Concern Citizens of Kogi State.

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