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When president buhari resumed office as the President of Nigeria in the year 2015, there was great expectations from him but he completely failed on the  primary reason of  his  sympathy vote.

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One of the most corrupted institution l ever wish there will be totally cleansing was the police commission  and the policemen. However, Buhari should have ordered  the immediate dismantling of police road block, he should  have ordered that no suspect be detained  for more than twenty-four hours in any police station, he should have ordered the transfer of all state Anti-Robbery squad (SARS) to the fight of Fulani herdsmen. He should  have ordered the DSS  and EFCC  to investigate  the rot in the police system and most  despicable  acts perpetrated by officers and men in the police force, he should have introduced  and adopted strategies that would  give the police force a good name. With all these he  would have sensitized  the police commission.
Just as keen observers believed that he still has barely six months to address it, Nigerians are of the opinion  that he wiĺl addressed these corruption in his first term as a man of integrity who  wishes to cross the murky Rubicon  and leave his  footsteps on the sand of time, but  unfortunately he was not able to achieve just one of these points mentioned above.
The widespread corruption in the Nigeria police force was fueling abuse against ordinary citizens and severely undermining the rule of law in Nigeria,on daily basis countless ordinary citizens are suppressed by police officers who demand bribes and commit human rights abuse against  them as a means of Extorting money.

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At this juncture, Mr President Muhammad buhari your fight against corruption encourage more corruption than the past administration. The populace are feed up with this kind of  version of fight against corruption.
Kenechukwu Onwunzo
State Publicity Secretary PPA.
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