Re-Group tackles Obiano on 1bn COVID-19 spending.

Willie Obiano ready to answer EFCC - Anambra Government

Willie Obiano: The above press release issued by Emeka Umeagbalasi that parades himself as the leader of international society for Civil Liberties and the Rule of law is the voice of Jacob but the hands of Esau meaning that the evil minded Peter Obi is the person speaking through one of his dirty political hatchet job executor.


The said Emeka Umeagbalasi must be living in fools paradise if he thinks that people are not aware that Peter Obi is funding all his politically motivated and beer parlour criticism of Governor Obiano’s administration in print and social media.

His antecedents as a willing and available tool for the execution of dirty political hatchet job is well known to people.

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When Peter Obi was in power he uses him for media attacks and this is something people like us that have been following up Emeka Umeagbalasi from Peter Obi era knows very well.


So his latest press release against Governor Obiano is Peter Obi speaking in disguise through him and that is why I will continue saying that Peter Obi is extremely wicked and that he doesn’t feel the plight of ndi Anambra in this Coronavirus pandemics period.


This is a period the downtrodden people are in need of Peter Obi and other public spirited individuals to come to their aid and cushion the effects of the government sit at home order that was given for the containment of Coronavirus pandemics.

Too bad that the self acclaimed Saint Peter Obi that is also Anambra emergency philanthropist is no where to be found rather his visible contribution in this Coronavirus pandemics period is sending Valentine Obienyem and Emeka Umeagbalasi that are his dirty political hatchet job executors to be blackmailing Governor Obiano’s sincere efforts in ensuring that ndi Anambra are safe from the dreaded pandemics.


Emeka Umeagbalasi is only trying to misinform the general public because information available to me says that no government official stated categorically that Governor Obiano’s administration spent 1billion naira in the fight against COVID-19 rather what they gave is a projected cost.


Another thing is that Emeka Umeagbalasi is foolishly thinking that the known usual business of Valentine Obienyem carrying a whopping 250million naira in the trunk of his car during Mr Peter Obi era is what is what is still obtainable under Obiano’s watch.


No doubt of the fact that Governor Obiano has spent heavily to be battle ready for this Coronavirus pandemics because if you pay a visit to the Isolation centres and put into consideration the medical equipments purchased by the Governor at a period the cost of medical equipments skyrocketed to a despicable high level, you will appreciate his administration sincere efforts and also come into agreement with the fact that he was able to do those things with good amount of money having in mind the popular saying that a good soup was made with money.

Ndi Anambra don’t need baseless armchair and beer parlour criticism in this Coronavirus pandemics period rather what they need is people that are well to do in our society to assist government in fighting this pandemics with the provision of succour for them.


It’s insensitive of Peter Obi to make the blackmail of Governor Obiano’s administration sincere efforts to fight COVID-19 pandemics the only thing he can offer to ndi Anambra at this point in time.


Good a thing that our people are not fools and they are taking record of what those they reposed confidence in as their leaders are doing in this critical period.

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I strongly support Governor Obiano’s request for 1b naira assistance from the Federal government because this COVID-19 fight is draining the pause of the State government.


If the Federal government can support Lagos State that has recorded about 110 cases of COVID-19 pandemics with 10billion naira, supporting Anambra that is at the risk of getting the virus with 1billion naira will not be a bad idea.

Let’s not shy away from acknowledging the fact that Anambra being the State in Nigeria that has the largest market in west Africa is at a very high risk of getting this Coronavirus pandemics.


The singular reason why we don’t have a single case of it as at today is because of the proactive checkmating measures put in place by our willingly working Governor Obiano that cares about the safety of ndi Anambra.


The obvious fact that I want to tell Peter Obi in this piece is that sponsoring politically motivated smear campaign against Governor Obiano cannot resurrect his politically dead soul in Anambra because he is the architect of his own political misfortune in Anambra and Nigeria at large.



Daalu nu.


Evang Chinedu Obigwe

National co-ordinator of APGA Media Warriors Forum.

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