Sola Allyson: To Young Men Seeking Marriage

Popular gospel singer, Sola Allyson has a message for young men who are hoping to tie the knot with their partners in the latest edition of her series titled ‘Dear Men’. In the write-up which she posted on Instagram, the singer, who urged young men to know themselves before taking that step.


According to Allyson, before getting married and binding themselves to their female partners for the rest of their lives, young men should check themselves, know themselves and what exactly they want in this life.


She wrote; “Check yourself o. Not just about ‘putting Woman in the house’ o. It’s important to know yourself first. If in life, you’ll be okay with the barest minimum, if you’re satisfied with ‘just there’ or a ‘just okay’ life and you don’t like “wàhálà” but this Girl is dreaming and doing things which are big to you now, be careful o.


“You will know. You will see it in the things she does. Even in the level both of you are in right now. You will see it. Her excellence in everything she does. The way she carries herself. Her classy ways. Her tónítóní and fínnífínní way of doing things and approaching issues. The things she goes for, even as she is still this “small” now. The things she refuses to settle for.”


According to her, if a lady’s ways are ‘too much’ for the man and he is not in that mind space, it is important that he doesn’t ignore and think marriage would ‘change’ her.

Sola Allyson: To Young Men Seeking Marriage
Sola Allyson

“No, I’m not referring to Girls who are ‘àsà’. What’s ‘asa’ in English gan ná? The overdoing or on-the-extreme ones, not them, you know I’m always talking to you from the point of view of a good and balanced mind so I’m talking about normal Girls. True Girls but who are meant to be big. And dream big dreams. And do big things. She would never be satisfied with your own “just there”. She will want more and more as life goes by. And then, a Woman evolves rapidly as she grows older. I can’t explain it, but I know it. If she’s now aware and conscious báyìí, haa, she will see that all this is possible and she will work towards it, big!

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“You can talk someone out of some things but you can’t talk them out of some things. A person wants what a person wants! If both of you are now not on the same page It would cause conflict which may end in pain and resentment. No, it won’t mean she’s bad or you’re bad, it would just mean that both of you are not each other’s ‘good’,” she added.

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