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The Benin Republic Coup-de-tat against Nigeria’s Degree Programs

The Benin Republic Coup-de-tat against Nigeria's Degree Programs

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Federal Ministry of Education; NUC; JAMB; ASUU; Committee of Vice Chancellors, NYSC and all other relevant Stakeholders in the education sector: Are you all dead or pretending not to be aware of the Coup- de-tat against Nigeria’s Degree Programs by our Neighbor (Benin Republic)?


3-4 Years Degree Programs of the Nigerian Universities Versus 3- 6 Months Degree Programs from Cotonou (Republic of Benin)!


Haba Nigeria..!!!!


It has become a norm for Nigerian Students who cannot pass Nigeria’s University Degree Programs to cross over to Cotonou to get their degrees within 3-6 months.


NYSC is very much aware of this, yet such Students with Cotonou Degrees rub shoulders with the Nigerian Students at the Orientation Camps as well as compete for available jobs with such certificates and nobody is talking…. Why???


NUC…what is the relevance of your Accreditation Exercises if Students can receive Degree Certificates in less than a year in Cotonou??

JAMB…what is your use if in 3-6 months Students can get their degrees in Cotonou???


ASUU….why are you sweating over University Revitalization Funds when it is very clear that our Policy Makers are NOT interested in Quality Education when Students can cross to Cotonou to spend just 3-6 months and come to Nigeria with their degree certificates and get juicy jobs???


Committee of Vice Chancellors….you are sweating over Your University’s International recognition and visibility when your counterparts in Cotonou are busy awarding degrees to your students who have either been rusticated or cannot meet up with the requirements of their degree programs within 3-6 months in Cotonou..!!


NYSC… are busy aiding and abetting such atrocities against Nigerian Universities Degree Certificates… So what moral justification do you have to equate 3-4 Year Degree programs with 3-6 months Degree programs??


This is a clarion call to all to defend the Nigerian Universities degree programs from Cotonou Degree programs…!!!


Relevant stakeholders should investigate and take appropriate action before it is too late….!!!

Kindly circulate till it gets to the relevant Stakeholders in our educational sector.. A word is enough for the wise…?? I have done my part by this write up….do yours by sharing…if you are affected today, it could be your turn in future!!



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