The Essence of Governance in any sane human society is to make for effective leadership through inclusiveness, people oriented laws, as well as Constituency Projects which help to bring the government of the day much more closer to the People on whose shoulders Governance is formed by sovereignty (according to the Nigeria Constitution, Section 14, Sub Section 2b, as amended 1999 and 2011 respectively).


The following assertion can only happen when both the Legislative and Executive Arms closely work together in Securing the General Interest of the Masses who in turn should be active political participants in the government of the day in order to make for a BETTER society.


Edo in this case is doing well as a state but requires a more functional MEGA Legislative Arm that would in turn consolidate the Good Works of His Excellency Governor Godwin Nogheghase Obaseki over the past 6 years of His MEGA ADMINISTRATION that has been Democratically Explosive and Proactively Responsive towards the dire needs, dreams, goals, and desires of Edo People in their various Constituencies through the 24 seats of the Edo State House of Assembly and that is why I humbly enjoin ALL WELL MEANING EDOLITES to come out en masse to support and VOTE ALL PDP CANDIDATES COME THIS WEEK SATURDAY MARCH 18TH, 2023 in order for the new Legislative Body to be able to Pass People Oriented Bills into law, while reviewing the already existing statutes which would help drive home the essence of Good Governance through EFFECTIVE LEGISLATION OVERTIME.


My Dear Edo People, I urge you all to stand your ground to defend your votes for PDP this time around, as a vote for APC is an outright support to continued tyranny, godfatherism, hooliganism, gangsterism, Tribalism, Insecurity, Economic Hardship, Pains, Hunger, Starvation, Depression, and Further Frustration of not just Edo People but the remaining innocent Nigerians left at the mercy of the outgoing Buhari Led Administration that has only come to Kill, Steal, and Destroy Edo State and Nigeria Respectively.


Let us not forget in a hurry how these APC LIONS AND TIGERS dealt mercilessly with Edo People from 2008-2016 during the time of Oshiomhole as Governor in Edo State.

As at then, our mothers were slapped and beaten for no reason, taxes where increased beyond our wildest imaginations, Agberoes became warlords and demigods to the extent that they celebrated billions while those went to school had no jobs, could be feed or sustain themselves and as such, had no voice in their state.


Pensions and Gratuities were never paid Retirees, many of whom often slumped died openly while trying to peacefully protest to get their money from the then Tyrannical Government of Oshiomhole and His and wagon of thugs.

But these ugly narratives have changed since His Excellency Governor Godwin Nogheghase Obaseki (a man after Edo People’s Heart) was voted as Governor since 2016 till date, as he has succeeded in not only bringing his government very close to Edo People but has also carried them along in the political scheme of things overtime.


This is why his good works should be consolidated upon by voting an EFFECTIVE LEGISLATIVE ARM OF THE EDO STATE GOVERNMENT that will pass bills faster and ensure that Constituency Projects are rolled out massively to the grassroots in order for Edo People to easily benefit Democratic dividends overtime.


To this end, I strongly appeal to the Good People of Edo State to put aside whatever sentiments, grievances or differences they have by VOTING PDP ALL THE WAY THIS SATURDAY MARCH 18TH, 2023 in order to permanently silence godfatherism in Edo State and make for a MORE EFFECTIVE & EFFICIENT MEGA GOVERNANCE THAT the Good People of Edo State will always be proud of anytime, anyway and anywhere.


Comrade Bobby Eghosa Obayuwana

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