The Last Frontiers

The Last Frontiers

The embittered me

Faced a faceless me.

It’s a long ride to nowhere.
The demons persist,
Christ echoes:
Who’s leading?

The sadness and pain of cruelty,
At what exact time?
A new version of nothingness,
Where pain is painted fresh.
The fluid border;
Where my heart’s burden lies,
Where my soul’s longing resides.
Should I be scared of evil?
All my life, I’ve been grieving.


The border of sin,
Insurances are free.
My life’s emblems,
Where we feel safe to blame.
After all, it’s life’s problem.
The silence clouds,
Devoid of sound.
The minds are loud,
And then we ask, how?

I’m the last sky raven,
The darkest parts are raiding.
I’m that shadow’s vesper,
My timing contagious.
Think, don’t act.
Sit, don’t stand.
Speak, don’t listen.
The demons are here.


The roadblocks,
My eardrops,
My eyes flop.
Oh, my heart stops.
Pity… the body hops.
Is there still hope?

Between mornings, I weep,
Life’s grasp tight,
I’m weak.
This life’s a fake,
How do we know we’re doomed?
What do we say when we’re gone?
It’s a privileged life after all.


We are the Last Frontiers,
A faceless life,
A worthless pact.
The God and their gods,
A selfish race,
Nothing, absolutely nothing,
All strengthened by mystery.
A life of pain,
A life of assumed gain,
A life consumed by nothingness.
Is it true?


Chidiebere A. Okoroji, M.Ed.

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