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I Plead To Ndi Imo Not To Allow Me To Go To EXILE: If They Allow Hope Uzodinma To Return Again To Continue His Bloodthirsty Government


Greetings to you the sons and daughters of God in Imo state. I welcome you all to yet another epistolary revelation on the reign of GUYMEN in Imo State as led by Emperor Hope Uzodinma.

Great Imolites on Sunday, the 8th day of October 2023, I dressed up to church and as I was reflecting on the heartless rate of killings cum insecurity in Imo State as well as why Hope Uzodinma has lacked empathy as a leader to solve the insecurity challenges in Imo State but only hell-bent with selfish interest in his re-election bid, I heard a voice saying “let Hope Uzodinma seek for votes in the land of the dead”. Out of curiosity, I tried to enquire about this voice but was taken to a realm transcending the physicality of human boundaries and limitations unique of the realm of the spirit where I saw a glorious land in blue described to be Imo State soaked with the blood of innocent people, particularly the youths, boiling and crying for vengeance from the land of the dead.


In a disturbed mien with pains of anguish and great trepidation, I couldn’t hold myself but was shuttled back to the geography of the physical world with my two eyes offering briny tears. I looked at the altar and the message of the voice became clearer with understanding. “Let Hope Uzodinma seek for votes at FMC and Aladinma mortuaries where over 180 unidentified corpses were found during the rain of bullets in Imo State; let Hope Uzodinma seek for votes at St. Damian’s hospital mortuary, Okporo, Orlu in Imo State.

For sure, Hope Uzodinma has no business to seek for votes in the land of the living in Imo state any more for he who destroys peoples’ lives for cheap political gains of power and position must be ready to tread down to the land of the dead with his campaign machinations for votes to be re-elected.

But can Hope Uzodinma find peace and a smooth ground yonder in the great beyond? Wouldn’t he be stoned by Ahmed Ali Gulak who died mysteriously on May 30th 2021 in a State where the guber emperor of a guyman was and is still the Chief Security Officer (CSO) of Imo State?


Would the fourteen (14) Innocent youths from Otulu Kingdom murdered in a cold blood find peace to raise the banner of cursed re-election bid of Hope Uzodinma in the land of the Dead(?) Would over fifty (50) indigenes of Oguta carelessly murdered by illegal Ebube-Agu and untrained security operatives at the behest and/or under the supervision of Hope Uzodinma raise the bill and/or the posters of the despot that murdered them in peace? What of the over 200 Orsu indigenes murdered by the untrained wicked security operatives and Ebube-Agu burst into a political ecstasy to chirping and singing “Onwa oyoko” to Hope Uzodinma?

There will be a military coup against Hope Uzodinma in the land of the dead as a result of his careless government that sent many soldiers and police to the world beyond. Our gallant fallen Uniform heroes who lost their lives in Imo state will be very angry with Hope Uzodinma, especially how our gallant beloved female soldier was killed, murdered in a cold-blood in Okigwe.


Our dear Okigwe is now a war Zone with the sounds of rockets, bombing and flying of hot bullets, Aku, Umulolo, Umukere and Ihube and other communities are deserted, skulls littered all over the communities, over 200 people killed, by Bandits, kidnappers, Ebube-Agu, and untrained Security agents and ruthless non State Actors.
Oh! the dead in Okigwe will sing Hosanna of rejection to Hope Uzodinma in the land of the dead.

According to Emeka Umeagbalasi’ Intersociety report, how can over 1,600 unarmed and helpless Imolites killed and the 300 able bodied men who disappeared without traces between January, 2021and May, 2023 (29 months) find peace in the land of the dead when Hope Uzodinma launches his deceptive political campaign for re-election with them?


How can over 900 Imolites who were secretly killed by State actors and the 300 people who equally died in open shootings, according to the said report, welcome Hope Uzodinma and his ruthless guymanism government in the land of the dead during his samba political rally?

Even our dear brother, Emeka Umeagbalasi of the Intersociety group, without doubts, will join Ndi Imo State in wondering how over 700 persons killed in captivity in Imo State by armed non-State actors would join Hope Uzodinma’s campaign for votes scouting in the land of the dead?


Dear lmolites, under the watch of Gov. Hope Uzodinma, it is on record that the Orsu axis became the den of cannibals and I keep wondering in tears with the horrors of the existence of gory pictures of human parts roasted, cooked, and others found in deep ancient wells at Orsu. Will those whose bodies were butchered and roasted join Hope Uzodinma for a campaign in the land of the dead? This gives us a picture reflection of the Otokoto saga of 1996. Cannibalism is back again in Imo State under Gov. Hope Uzodinma’s reign or political administration as people keep missing secretly without any trace of their whereabouts.

Would those that were crushed, their brain shattered and riddled with bullets without leaving a word to their families welcome Gov. Hope Uzodinma, a Nigerian phantom of Idi Amin, in the land of the dead for a deceptive political rally?

The 664 Autonomous Communities in Imo State have, on each, at least, a representative in the land of the dead sent to their early graves by the tyrannic government of the despot, Gov. Hope Uzodinma. Would they accept to be polling units’ agents to Gov. Hope Uzodinma, their murderer?


The reign of GUYMEN under Gov. Hope Uzodinma has put all the Communities in Imo State through mortal degrees of tribulations of tears as each of those Communities has had too many ugly stories of blood and pains, stray bullets and killings either caused by non State actors, Ebube-Agu and untrained security operatives at the behest of Gov. Hope Uzodinma to share to the world

Would Hope Uzodinma receive a royal welcome in the land of the dead by the numerous Ndi Eze brutally murdered in Imo State under his careless government? Yes, it’s in history that under Hope Uzodinma 8 traditional rulers have been murdered in Imo State.


How can our dead ones in Imo State sing unto power? I see their skeletons under the mother earth, particularly those in shallow graves, revolting against the instrumentality of the causation of their deaths. I can only see hostility in the campaign of Gov. Hope Uzodinma in the land of the dead.

The decomposing body of those maimed would see the festival and gathering of the vultures, oh would vultures attend Gov. Hope Uzodinma’s campaign. In the land of the dead, vultures are the first common visitors.


I shall summon all dead entities who left the earth from Imo State in a painful experience being escorted by hot bullets as there shall be a catastrophic stampede in the land of the dead, a skeleton movement folding the flag of Hope Uzodinma of All progressives Congress (APC)

Hope Uzodinma is like Ogbunabali, the Igbo death deity. But Ogbunabali, the Igbo death deity, kills only those guilty of taboo unlike Hope Uzodinma who has, through his administration, eliminated both the guilty and the innocent. So let his campaign begin in the land of the dead. Let him seek for votes yonder in the land of the dead.


As soon as Guyman took over Imo State, with the death toll, the remaining survivors must build a wall of defense to protect themselves. However, the living must evolve a systematic plan to dislodge and overthrow the Guyman through a ballot revolution on 11th November 2023.

Why wouldn’t the living in Imo State resist the journey of the dead? The resistance of Ndi Imo lies in PVC. Massive votes against Hope Uzodinma and his cohorts of Guymen Government in Imo State is signing a contract to live in the next four (4) years.


The only principal duty, to be backed by visible evidence, of a government is the protection of lives and property. This principal duty of a responsible government is what Hope Uzodinma has failed to do for the benefits of Ndi Imo in the last three (3) years and six (6) months. Igbo philosophy solely believes in “Ndu Bu Isi” and “Ndu Ka Aku” Hope Uzodinma’s executive rascality and impunity which counted thousands of loss of lives has devalued the concept of life in Igbo philosophy.

My knowledge and global rating of a performing government is not by painting roads and buildings but lies in protecting lives and property and secondly, it lies in how many people the government has lifted out of poverty through its policies.


Gov. Hope Uzodinma’s administration projected Ndi Imo into abject poverty/penury and high death rates. His campaign in the land of the dead is suitable for the kind of governance he offered and still offering to the Imolites. Therefore, let Gov. Hope Uzodinma’s re-election campaign bid begins in the land of the dead.

Gov. Hope Uzodinma has come back with a Wizardry mindset against Imolites like Ahab and Nebuchadnezzar all in a bid to win re-election. Like old king cast spells on his subjects, Gov. Hope Uzodinma has specified his gods more than the old king to take the land of Imo State by wicked rulership of spilling of blood.

Like Israelites were warned against going to Babylon for slavery and captivity, Imolites must make a choice to dislodge the babylonians kingship of Nebuchadnezzar and Wizardry legend of Ahab which are in Gov. Hope Uzodinma’s oppressive reign.

Gov. Hope Uzodinma must be humiliated on November 11th 2023 to prove to the world that his hands are full of innocent blood.


Ndi Igbo particularly Ndi Imo should imbibe by new thinking of leadership and bury the Idea of “Oji Ego Ga Achi” The concept of “Oji Ego Ga Achi” in Imo State made street Guymen to seize the Governorship Seat of Imo State over a decade

The chronicle methodology of “Oji Ego Ga Achi” politics made it easy for Veterans Guymen to come together and make their own Governor, that’s how Hope Uzodinma from nowhere became Governor of Imo State through “John Benson way.

I heard from their cliques of Guymen that someone who can’t put 20b naira on the table shouldn’t dream of being governor of Imo State.


Great Imolites kindly know today that “Guymen” are not “Father Christmas” you don’t expect them to spend such money to Grab the Governorship of Imo State and expect such GUYMAN to make Imo State a developed state. A Guyman is profit oriented, all targets to Imo Douglas House is to make profit, that’s why hope Uzodinma nicknamed his government “SHARE PROSPERITY” that’s sharing the prosperity of Ndi Imo Among cliques of Guymen, that why Imo is not prospering, the prosperity of Ndi Imo has been shared among Lagos boys of early 80’s and 90’s

The second tenure of Gov. Hope Uzodinma means that many Imolites would join the land of the dead.


Onye nwere nti ya nuru; ONYE GUYMAN agaghi achi Imo Ozo!

Imo Must Rise Again in the land of the living!


Comrade Igboayaka O. Igboayaka, National President General Ohanaeze Youth Council OYC

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