Tinubu, Oshiomhole And 2023 Formula

Tinubu, Oshiomhole And 2023 Formula

Tinubu, Oshiomhole And 2023 Formula – – The shameless and mud fight of the ruling party is getting more irritating and irrational. Despite the fact that the country is no longer at ease; almost all the regions cannot sleep with their eyes closed. All type of killings and maiming exist in Nigeria. Boko Haram killing, Herdsmen Killing, Armed Bandits killing, Armed Robbers killing, extra judicial killing among others. But all these seem not to concern our greedy daddies in Aso rock, all they are concerned about is the region that will produce the next president in 2023.


For some days, the ruling party has been competing for space with rapists in the media. APC crisis and rape cases have dominated the media, the bunch of selfish leaders we voted into power have not come up with stiffer punishment for rape offenders while the victims are dying on a daily basis.


Since Tinubu’s man has been removed as national chairman, the table has started to turn upside down. Oshiomhole is likely to be best loser if presidential seat did not come to Jagaban’s domain. Obaseki, on the other hand is somehow fulfilled because his perceived enemy that chased him out of the party was also removed from office. Now, he has won the ticket to contest under his new party. Who will be the next Governor of Edo State? the drama is still in the making while we remain watching at the spellbound.

Tinubu, Oshiomhole And 2023 Formula
Tinubu, Oshiomhole And 2023 Formula

As a matter of fact, the war in the leadership zone of the ruling party has begun to mar the permutation of 2023 election. APC has different national chairmen and the President has supported the leadership of Giadom. The presidential spokesperson, Garba Sheu said that Mr. President received a convincing advice on the position of the law and he has determined that the law is on the side of Victor Giadom as Acting National Chairman. What is now left of Tinubu’s camp when Ajimobi, their own chairman is dead ? Let’s forget about the president dissolving the National Working Committee. This is not about Lagos and not about Southwest, this is Nigeria. Each region with different selfish ideology. With the current stand of the party, Tinubu needs to rejig his political formation for his 2023 formula not to dance soapy inside Osun River. The same crisis that wrecked PDP is now bouncing back on APC. That has never been a problem, Nigerians will switch again.


While the country is under scourge of gory scenes, the so called leaders are parading court on party issues fighting ahead of 2023. Our judges are being controlled by politicians. Alas! We have found ourselves in a big mess; what a shame!


RIP, Senator Ajimobi. May God be pleased with your soul… Sobs!



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