Adding Lemon to Tea can lead to Heart diseases, other – Temi Badmus

Adding Lemon to Tea can lead to Heart diseases, other - Temi Badmus

A Food Scientist and Nutritionist, Temi Badmus have warned about the side effects of adding lemon into tea for drinking.

The University of Ilorin (UNILORIN) alumini stated this in a recent health statement. She added that while diet routines may taste great and make you feel good, the detriment effect may also be catastrophic.


The content creator and owner of Food Therapist added that citrus is not an excellent combination smoetimes.


The article from Temi Badmus reads;

”Most diet routine mixing are often against food functions and properties in food pyramid – while they might taste great, make you feel better and appear nice the most important thing is what impact they end up doing in your body.

Nutritionally adding citrus to your tea help it to release the catechin and make them bio available to your body and of course healthier but Interestingly a typical citrus type is definitely not an excellent functional or nutritional ideal to add to your tea. Lemon may look better but here is side effect you would end up posing your body to if you keep adding lemon to your tea.


1. It poses you to bowel disorder.
Tea is acidic naturally, by adding lemon to spice up, you are definitely alleviating the acidic content of your tea. When you drink is highly acidic, it could decelerate your body’s ability to metabolize easily and slow down your digestion. This sometimes can trigger heart burn and acidic reflux for individuals who are acidity sensitive. Bloating, constipation and others can also happen.


2. Fluid deprivation
Due to slow metabolism and slow digestion, the body ends up dehydrated since the fluid available are absorbed and focussed on improving  metabolism for a rapid digestion. Most time, the body end up using the fluid available and thereby causing fluid deprivation.


3. Heart diseases.
People battling high blood pressure of course are not to consume lemon tea, while it might seems harmless, Lemon tea combination is high in caffeine which can increase blood pressure and also affect various heart health. Lactating mother’s, pregnant women and people battling with hypertension are often not considered safe to consume tea that lemon is added to.


”While this side effects of tea with lemon might be much. Lemon zest on it own as tea is really a great source of vitamins, antioxidants and various other needed nutrients,” She added.

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