Valentine Obienyem is a well known Pathological Liar

Valentine Obienyem is a well known pathological liar cannot cover the 1million US Dollars bribery allegation that was levelled against Mr Peter Obi his evil pay master.


The social media was recently awash with story of how Peter Obi collected 1million US Dollars bribe from Goodwin Mmaduka to help him secure PDP ticket for the 2021 governorship election.


The least qualified person to refute this allegation is Valentine Obienyem, my reason for saying this is because he is a confirmed partner in crime to Peter Obi shoddy deals while in government and outside government. As usual, Valentine Obienyem in a bid to refute the allegation foolishly claimed that Peter Obi is in Lagos because of Lockdown and that the allegation levelled against him is not true.


Am not surprise with Valentine Obienyem childish response because even when he was caught with a whopping sum of 250million naira in Lagos, he fabricated one cock and bull story to justify his movement of such huge amount of money from Anambra to Lagos in the trunk of his car.


I remember vividly that he told security agents that the money is meant for the purchase of Cars.


We all know that under Peter Obi’s administration, Valentine Obienyem occupied the position of Special Adviser on Media and publicity, having said this, the general public will agree with me that it’s baffling that a media aide to a Governor will veer off his constitutional duty to be engaging in Car purchase business for the Governor.

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What Valentine Obienyem did when he was caught with the 250million naira portrayed him as a thief caught stealing with exhibit of what he stole and the thief is still boldly claiming that he is not a thief.


What am saying in essence is that Valentine Obienyem and our self acclaimed Saint Peter Obi are beds of the same feathers that flocks together.


The arrogant Goodwin Mmaduka that I know can do anything to be on the ballot box for the 2021 governorship election.

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Peter Obi really need to stop deceiving himself because as far as am concerned, he is dwelling in deceit.


The more Valentine Obienyem labour to portray him as the only Saint in Nigeria, the more he exposes Peter Obi as an evil man.


I will continue saying it without any fear of contradiction that it’s an embellished lie for anybody to claim that Peter Obi is stupendously rich before emerging Anambra State Governor.


I said this because I know some of the people that donated money for his 1st term election and if he is that rich as being claimed by his Olumba Olumba bewitched e-rats, he will not seek for sponsorship from Onitsha businessmen that donated their hard earned money to make him Governor.


When Valentine Obienyem talk about Peter Obi,he talks as if he is talking to senseless children.


Nigerians now know Peter Obi as a pretender do the worst and the allegation of collecting 1million US Dollars bribe from Goodwin Mmaduka is not a surprise to them.


Am happy that the real Peter Obi is being unmasked for people to know that he is evil.


The 1million US Dollars bribery allegation that was levelled against Peter Obi has exposed him and the best advice I will give him and his dirty political hatchet job executor called Valentine Obienyem is that they should bury their heads in shame.



Daalu nu.

I remain your truth advocate, Evang Chinedu Obigwe

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