What Dangote did to I and my wife (How it all started)

I was under the impression that most Africans, myself included, came to the U.S. to educate themselves, improve their lives, and help develop the motherland. But, unfortunately, my experience since grad school taught me otherwise. We are destroying each other instead of collaborating to better our community. The bottom line is we can’t keep pointing the finger at the white man for our inadequacies. It is time to take full responsibility for our disruptive and harmful behaviors. Ever wondered why someone referred to Africa countries as ‘shithole’ countries?

Friday, May 15, 1992
 I graduated from Rutgers University Graduate School of Management in Newark, New Jersey, with an MBA degree in Finance.


Adeniyi O. Adebayo, Lateef Ajenifuja’s friend from Mahwah, New Jersey, and Sade, his wife, attended my graduation. I lived with them on Essex Street in Hackensack, New Jersey, when I moved to the United States on November 14, 1987. Lateef, however, told them to kick me out after eleven days.1 It wasn’t enough that Lateef told our father not to pay for my trip to the U.S. and first year of graduate school as I requested. After that, I stopped talking to Lateef because of the accommodation move he made with his friend. He later reached out to me before his wedding to reconcile. He said, “if the mountain wouldn’t come to Muhammad, then Muhammad must go to the mountain.”


 After Lateef’s friend kicked me out of his apartment, I moved in with Olabode Odumosu and his family – near Sussex Street, Newark, New Jersey. My mom cried because of what Lateef did to me. I had never witnessed my mom in such a sad state before. She went back to Nigeria about a week after moving in with them.


 I stopped talking to Lateef’s friend because Sade told Elmira Coleman that I probably had a Nigerian girl waiting for me back home. Furthermore, she implied that my marriage to Elmira was temporary. As expected, this caused a lot of friction between Elmira and me.


Lateef Ajenifuja was supposed to attend the University of Minnesota like the first two children. However, there were typos on his Form I-20, which delayed his student visa application at the U.S. Embassy in Lagos, Nigeria. So, he decided to go to Concordia University instead of waiting for Minnesota to rectify the problem. Lateef received a bachelor’s degree in Economics. He also received a Master in Banking and an MBA from Adelphi University on Long Island, New York. Kola Abiola was a classmate of his in the MBA program. Upon moving back to Lagos, Nigeria, MKO made him the CEO of his fishing company, and our father gave him a two-bedroom townhouse, rent-free for about ten years.

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On Wednesday, November 25, 1987, Adeniyi Adebayo told me he and his family were traveling to Connecticut for a Thanksgiving weekend. So, they dropped me off in Newark, where my mom was staying with Olabode Odumosu and his family. Then come Sunday, Adeniyi called and informed me they could not accommodate me at their Hackensack apartment any longer.


So, Lateef had a near-perfect setup. But, unfortunately, he denied his younger siblings the opportunity to experience half his fortune. I guess some people are just selfish by nature. Kola Abiola fired Lateef years later because he embezzled a significant amount of the fishing company’s funds.

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In return, Lateef allowed our father to suffer in the last five years of his life. Lateef did not seek a proper diagnosis of our father’s prostate cancer for five years. Instead, he told people our father had typhoid fever without a physician diagnosis. Finally, I convinced our father to seek medical care for his so-called typhoid fever when I visited Lagos on October 27, 2003. But, unfortunately, by the time he saw a physician in November 2003, he was weak and did not survive prostate cancer surgery. He died on November 11, 2003, at the age of eighty-four. For unknown reasons to me, our father’s Last Will and Testament miraculously disappeared.


Saturday, May 16, 1992

 On our way to Providence, Rhode Island, Elmira Coleman and I stopped in Connecticut for the graduation party of a classmate. My classmate’s mom and stepdad lived in a beautiful home about five miles north of Harford. She was a natural red-hair mixed girl with freckles on her face and did her undergrad at Columbia University. She was Ayodele Adeyeri’s girlfriend at the time.

 After the party, Elmira and I drove straight to Rhode Island through route 6.

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In my first year living at Rutgers Newark dormitory, Lola Adeyeri, Ayodele Adeyeri’s cute baby sister, buzzed me on multiple occasions to sign her into the building to visit her brother, who was in his second year. Similarly, Ayodele took me to several Jamaica Reggae nightclubs in Brooklyn even though I wanted to go dance clubs in Manhattan. At times, Ayodele would disappear to the nightclubs’ backroom to smoke weed. I used to pretend I didn’t know that he smoked weed. I later stopped going to nightclubs with him and started hanging out in Manhattan with others.

While living at Rutgers Newark dormitory in my second year, Rina Mathies, a Liberian girl classmate, called me to come upstairs to her dormitory apartment. So, I met her in front of her apartment door. While we were talking, I noticed the scarf around her left shoulder dropped. Then she exposed her left breast because she wasn’t wearing a bra. So, I started looking at her forehead instead of her eyes. Ayodele Adeyeri’s girlfriend told me Elmira Coleman called her and others and spread a false narrative about me. She said Elmira got hold of my address book and called a few female classmates of mine. Lastly, the evening after our last final exams, about five guys decided to go to a bar off Washington Street in Newark for a drink. So naturally, the Jamaican and Trinidadian guys came along with us. As I pulled up to the bar, someone told me not to park in front and move my car to the back. As we entered the bar through the back entrance, I realized we were at a Go-Go bar. So, I went along instead of being a party pooper. One drink and thirty minutes later, I convinced the guys that we should go to the bar next to our campus. It was my first and only time at a Go-Go bar.



o Reliable sources informed me that Ayodele Adeyeri, his girlfriend, and Rina Mathies were part of my three oldest siblings’ network.
o Someone tried to find out my interest in illicit drugs.



Monday, June 1, 1992
 I started my Finance job with AT&T Communications (Consumer Communications Services Unit) – 55 Corporate Drive, Bridgewater, New Jersey. The company recruited me as part of the Professional Development Program. I spent my first eighteen months flying almost weekly between New Jersey and Manassas, Virginia.

 I continued to live in my Rutgers Newark dormitory – 101 Bleeker Street, Newark, until the end of August. I drove my beat-up blue station wagon car to work. I later bought a used white two-door Nissan Pathfinder.

 After moving out of the dormitory, I stayed with Henry Adebayo in Edison, New Jersey, for about two months until his fiancée arrived from Nigeria.


Saturday, September 0, 1992
 Elmira Coleman visited me from Mahwah, New Jersey, while I lived with Bola Adeeko and David Otuyelu in Avenel, New Jersey. At the end of the evening, Elmira told me Bola made an envious comment about me when I stepped outside. Bola said I was “showing off” for purchasing two suits for $120 each from Today’s Man store in Woodbridge. Olufemi Adegbesan then told Bola not to say something like that in front of Kevin’s wife. Bola had a factory job at the time, while I had just started a corporate job. I purchased these reasonably priced suits for work. So, it wasn’t like I spent $1,000 on a suit at Barneys New York.

 Elmira later told me not to be friends with Bola Adeeko.



o Bola Adeeko’s resentfulness for me was on display long before I started paying attention to it.


Thursday, March 4, 1993
 I flew to Sydney, Australia, for a two-week vacation for my birthday. My Continental Airlines flight was from Newark Airport – Los Angeles – Honolulu – Sydney. Continental Airlines gave me a free ticket to anywhere in the world because I was a frequent traveler.

 I stayed at a hostel across from Sydney harbor next to the Australian National Maritime Museum.

 I met a tall blonde Swiss-German girl at my hostel. She was traveling around the world by herself. So, she and I teamed up for sightseeing across Sydney.


 While traveling back to Newark Airport, the airlines canceled all flights departing for the east coast because of the Northeastern snowstorm. So, unfortunately, I got stuck at the Los Angeles airport for two days and nights. Finally, I got on a flight to Louisville, Kentucky, and connected with another flight to Boston Logan Airport. Then, I took Amtrak from Boston to Newark, New Jersey.


 While still in Australia, Wole Bamigboye, a friend I met at the University of Lagos and lived with me in Rhode Island and at my dormitory in Newark, visited Henry Adebayo in Edison, New Jersey. Wole mentioned to Henry that he would stop by my apartment in Irvington, New Jersey, and say hi to Elmira Coleman. However, Henry advised Wole not to because I was out of the country. Unfortunately, Wole did not heed Henry’s advice. So, Wole went to my apartment and knocked on the door. Elmira saw Wole through the peephole and told him I was away and not at home. Then Wole said to Elmira, “are you hiding someone in your apartment.” At this point, Elmira opened the door for Wole to enter the apartment. Elmira told me that Wole had made sexual advances towards her in our apartment upon returning from Australia. When this happened, Wole Bamigboye lived with Ayodele Adeyeri in Cliffside Park, New Jersey.


Thursday, July 22, 1993
 A week earlier, I found out that Elmira Coleman secretly attended the Celestial Church of Christ New Jersey Parish with Henry Adebayo and his wife. I saw the white Celestial church uniform in the trunk of Elmira’s brown Honda Accord.

 Bola Adeeko assisted me with moving my belongings out of 1 Marshall Street, Apt. 5J Irvington, New Jersey. I lived in that apartment with my ex-wife Elmira Coleman.  I moved into Bola Adeeko and David Otuyelu’s apartment in Avenel, New Jersey.


Friday, October 8, 1993
 I purchased my first home at 13 Colby Court, Belvidere, New Jersey, for $129,000.

 I lived in the house for about six months. However, the commute and traffic to and from work were unbearable for me. So, I decided to rent out my house and move to 10 Landing Lane, New Brunswick, New Jersey.

 I sold the house on September 30, 1997.

 About a month before I closed on the house, Jefferey C. Green, my attorney from the Law Offices of Green & Green, filed the divorce papers to dissolve my marriage to Elmira Coleman. Elmira evaded the court process server for about six months.


Saturday, December 4, 1993
 I had a housewarming party at my new house with friends. Modupe DaSilva and her girlfriend, Sandrine Desamours, and her best friend, Ayodele Adeyeri, Bola Adeeko, David Otuyelu, and others came to the party. I also invited the “church girl,” but she didn’t make it.

 Ayodele Adeyeri and Sandrine Desamours met at my party and started dating. They got married, had a baby, and divorced within two years. Ayodele later married Sandrine’s best friend. Bola Adeeko was dating Sandrine’s best friend at the time.

Saturday, April 2, 1994
 I rented out my home and moved into an apartment at 10 Landing Lane, New Brunswick, New Jersey.


Saturday, May 28, 1994

 My mom visited me from Nigeria. She stayed with me in New Brunswick for about three months. First, I enrolled her in my AT&T medical insurance. Then I got her complete physical examination, including beasts exam. She complained that I took her on all these doctor visits. I wanted her to stay for a year, but she insisted on going back to Nigeria.


Sunday, June 12, 1994
 Donna, her daughter, my mom, and I went to the Radio City Music Hall for the premiere of the Lion King with live performances before the movie. My mom got scared because of the live-fire performance on stage.

 Then, we all drove to Manchester, New Hampshire, for the week. We stayed in Donna’s apartment. Donna was my girlfriend at the time. However, my mom disapproved of my relationship with her because she had a child.

 I broke up with Donna after we visited Manchester, New Hampshire. Friday, November 18, 1994.

 Around 9:30pm, David Otuyelu called me while I was quietly watching TV at my apartment on 10 Landing Lane, New Brunswick, New Jersey. David asked me if I was interested in going to the Roxy bar with him. I said no. Then he offered to pay for my drinks the whole evening if I came out with him. If you knew David, you would know that was a rare offer. So, I agreed to go out with him.

 Around 10:30pm, David and I met in front of Roxy bar – 95 French Street, New Brunswick (https://youtu.be/AuOkGTI98bs ). As we walked past the bar towards the dance floor, I saw a tall blonde, white girl (Anita) dancing with a white girl and guy (Zowie and Andreas). She was wearing a gray round-neck sweater and washed-out blue jeans. We made eye contact.

 Then I walked back to the bar to pick up my Zima beer from David. A few minutes later, Anita walked towards the bar and talked to a white girl named Racheal. Anita then picked up a Gin and Tonic drink from the bar and returned to her two friends. I later asked Racheal about Anita.

 About 30 minutes later, I walked to Anita and introduced myself to her. She told me her name was Anita and that she was from Germany. She also introduced me to her two friends. We danced to a few songs before going outside the bar to chat. I was surprised she walked outside Roxy bar with her Gin and Tonic drink.

 We later made plans to go to the museum the following day. I left the bar around 1:00am.


Saturday, November 19, 1994
 Around 9:00am, I drove my 1990 burgundy Jaguar XJ to pick up Anita from her house at 72 Ross Hall Blvd N, Highland Park, New Jersey. Anita wore a flowery shirt and washed out blue jeans. I had on a long sleeve shirt and black jeans. Then I drove back to my apartment to pick up my camera before heading to Manhattan. As we drove through the Holland Tunnel, Anita grabbed my right hand. I guess she was a little bit scared going through the tunnel. She later called Zowie from my cellphone in the car. Zowie and Andreas were young German scientists on foreign assignments with a company on River Road in Piscataway, New Jersey.


 We drove to the Museum of Modern Art – 11 W 53rd Street, New York, paid $20 each for the entrance fee and headed to the cafeteria for breakfast. We had sandwiches and Yogurt. We then spent about 5 hours at the museum and took several pictures. We later put these pictures into an album at our house.

 Around 4:00pm, we got back to my apartment and ordered Chinese food for late lunch. Then Anita invited me to the movies with Zowie and Andreas.

 Around 10:00pm, Anita and I met Zowie and Andreas at the Menlo Park Movies Theater. We saw Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein movie until around 1:00am Sunday. It was the most extended date I’ve ever had.

 Anita’s host parents were Kurt A. Gluck and Kimberly F. Donnelly.


Saturday, November 26, 1994
 Anita and I had our second date.

 Around 8:00pm, I picked up Anita from her house for our date. She wore a short gray skirt and sweater. Then we headed to Romano’s Macaroni Grill next to the Menlo Park Mall. It was a brand-new restaurant at the time.

 While we were having dinner, an Italian opera singer man came to our table and sang for us. It was part of the restaurant appeal.

 I proposed to Anita inside the Roxy bar in 2000 (by then, it was a grocery store and now the site of Rutgers Health). We bought the engagement ring from an antique store in Hoboken, New Jersey.


o These are my memories of Anita that I knew. She was independent, fun, outgoing, and honest to a fault. She made me a better man!

Friday, December 23, 1994

 Anita and I drove to Washington, DC, for the weekend. First, we checked in to the Capital Hilton Hotel – 1001 16th St NW. Then we went sightseeing and visited Georgetown Waterfront, among other places.

 On Sunday, December 25th, I dropped off Anita at the Broad Street and S Penn Square metro station in Philadelphia. She took the metro to her host mom’s parents’ house for a Christmas dinner.


Saturday, December 31, 1994
 Anita and I drove to Hoboken, New Jersey, and parked my car. Then we took the PATH train to W 34th Street and then Metro to Times Square.

 Around 9:00pm, we joined the crowd in front of 1431 Broadway to see the New Year Ball drop. We went inside the 1431 Broadway bar/restaurant a few times to stay warm and drink Tequila sunrise. It was my first and only time ever going to Times Square for New Year’s Eve Ball drop.


 Around 1:00am on Sunday, we headed back to Hoboken, picked up my car, and drove to New Brunswick. We encountered a lot of drunk people on the PATH train.


Friday, February 0, 1995

 Anita came with me on a weekend work trip to Poconos, Pennsylvania. I spent the whole weekend working on an AT&T Communications project with my team during the day.

 Anita spent her time skiing in the Poconos. She complained that I didn’t spend time with her. I thought we had an understanding I was there to work.


Saturday, March 4, 1995
 Anita and I drove my green Mazda Miata from New Brunswick to Miami Beach, Florida, for one week vacation. Kurt Gluck, Anita’s host dad, made us a AAA route plan for our trip. The route plan was how people got directions before Google Maps and smartphones.

 We stopped at Disney World in Orlando for two days. We stayed at the Days Inn hotel in Kissimmee, Florida. Anita slept walk in our hotel room and almost walked through the glass sliding doors before I caught her.

 Then we headed to Miami Beach, where we stayed at the Beachcomber Hotel (now Shepley Hotel) – 1340 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach. After that, we went sightseeing and spent time at South Beach. Anita gave me $300 for her share of the trip expenses.


Thursday, June 15, 1995
 Ayotunde Adeyeri, Ayodele Adeyeri’s baby brother, came to spend the night at my 10 Landing Lane apartment. He told me he had an early morning job interview in Middlesex County on Friday.

 Around midnight, while Tunde was sleeping on my living room couch, Anita came back from an outing with a friend and quietly walked through the living room to my bedroom. Anita later asked me if she was loud when she came into the apartment in the morning.


Friday, June 30, 1995
 Anita and I drove to Boston in my Mazda Miata for the 4th of July weekend. We took my bike with us. Against my advice, David Otuyelu decided to invite Tamara Heimberger, Anita’s Austrian friend, to join him. We all stayed at Olufemi Adegbesan’s apartment in Boston. It was a heartbreaking weekend for David.

 We went out for dinner and then to a lounge on Boylston Street on Saturday night. Anita wore a beautiful short white dress.

 After two days, Anita and I left Boston and drove to Point Judith in Rhode Island. I borrowed Olufemi’s bike for Anita. From Point Judith, we took the ferry with our bikes to Block Island. We made a one-night reservation at the Spring House Hotel on Block Island. Then, we rode around Block Island to the Lighthouse.



 We took the ferry back to Point Judith on July 4th and drove back to New Brunswick.  Around this time, I bought my dad a brown Jeep Cherokee with wooded sides from an auction in Manheim, Pennsylvania. Anita and I drove it around a few times. However, my dad wanted a car instead of an SUV. So, he sold the SUV and bought a Mercedes Benz. My younger siblings told me Lateef kept that Mercedes-Benz as his car.


Saturday, July 22, 1995
 Herbert and Katharina, Anita’s parents, visited her from Germany for about two weeks. Unfortunately, Anita’s parents mistakenly took a stretched Limo from the airport instead of the taxi.

 One weekend, we took Anita’s parents to NYC for a dinner and dance boat cruise on the Hudson River to the Statue of Liberty. Immediately after the band started playing, Anita’s mom jumped up to dance. Then Herbert went after her.


Saturday, August 26, 1995
 I had a surprise going-away party for Anita at my 10 Landing Lane apartment. Several of her Au Pair friends and my friends came to the party. Anita was very emotional after the party. The German guy who tried to trick Anita into having an affair with him and his girlfriend came. The guy told Anita that he was in an open relationship, but his girlfriend later disputed that statement.


Sunday, August 27, 1995
 I drove Anita to JFK Airport for her trip back to Germany. She completed her au pair year about two weeks earlier and went on a west coast trip with a group. I dropped my coffee several times while sitting next to Anita at the airport for an unexplained reason.

 Anita started her studies at Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany, the following month. She studied Art History in Frankfurt for two years.

 Anita lived in Frankfurt with her mom’s old East German friend for the first few weeks at the University. She later moved into the school dormitory.

Thursday, November 30, 1995
 I bought a 4-family house at 25-27 Huntington Street, New Brunswick, New Jersey (my 2nd house in two years) for $240,000.

 I moved into the second-floor R apartment of the house the same day.  I sold this house on March 6, 2003, for $490,000.


Thursday, December 28, 1995
 I flew U.S. Airways from Newark to Frankfurt, Germany, to visit Anita. The flight was from Newark Airport – Pittsburgh – Boston – Frankfurt Airport.

 I was supposed to attend Olufemi and Yemisi Adegbesan’s wedding in Boston today, but they moved the wedding to Friday at the last minute. So, I missed their wedding.

 I stayed with Anita in her university dormitory room. While staying with Anita, I met Astrid Lenz-Drayson in their common kitchen. I later introduced Astrid to Anita. Then they became friends and inseparable.


Sunday, December 31, 1995
 Around 6:00pm, Anita took me to an Indian restaurant in Frankfurt for dinner. Then we went to the theater near Frankfurt (Main) Hauptbahnhof. Finally, we went to Harry’s New York Bar – Walther-von-Cronberg-Platz 1, 60594 Frankfurt am Main for New Year’s Eve celebration.


Saturday, March 16, 1996
 Anita and her mom’s friend from Frankfurt, Germany, visited me in New Brunswick.

 We temporarily broke up our relationship at the end of her visit because Anita was fed garbage about interracial relationships by her mom’s friend.

 David Otuyelu was living with me at the time. We took them to Webster Hall in NYC one weekend.


Tuesday, March 26, 1996
 Although Tamara Heimberger was back in Austria at the time, she called Anita in Frankfurt and told her that I slept with Corny’s friend. Corny and her friend are Germans that live near Ashbury Park, New Jersey. Corny assisted me on several occasions to stripe old paint off my Huntington apartment doors and windows. About six months later, Corny apologized to me and confirmed that her friend had lied.



 On March 26, 2017, Tamara Heimberger sent me a Facebook Message. The message reads: “Are you the husband of Anita Koepcke? I am Tamara from Austria, I was a good friend of Anita many years ago (you also knew me) and I hope to get in contact with her. I cant find her I found the wedding ivitation [invitation] thats why I contact you. If you are not who i think, then sorry for bothering you. Kind regards Tamara”.

 I did not see Tamara’s message until November 30, 2017. The last time we spoke with Tamara was back in 1996. Fortunately, we did not invite Tamara Heimberger to our wedding.


o Tamara’s Facebook message was twenty-one years to the date she called Anita in Frankfurt and made a false accusation that I slept with Corny’s friend. Bola Adeeko was behind the false accusation.


Saturday, May 18, 1996

 Around 2:00pm, I received a frantic phone call from Nikky Adesanya-Ferguson. She told me that Bola Adeeko Jr. had a medical emergency and needed a ride to the emergency room to see his pedestrian in Asbury Park, New Jersey. I immediately jumped into my Mazda Miata, picked up mother and son from downtown New Brunswick, and drove them to the emergency room. Someone told me this saved his life.

Good friends are supposed to help each other and not tier each other apart. But, as the saying goes, “any friend that turned into an enemy has been hating since day one.”

 One of our friends told me before my transfer to Madrid, Spain, in December 1996, that Nikky Adesanya-Ferguson made a sarcastic comment about my relationship with Anita. She said, “what a waste,” because I was seriously dating a white girl.


As I found out on October 28, 2021, this was an attempt by Bola Adeeko to entrap me with his “baby mama.” I tolerated Bola Adeeko over the years, but I never trusted him. Bola’s willingness to use his baby mama to entrap me shows that he had no respect for her.


Saturday, October 0, 1996

 While Anita was visiting me from Germany, Bola Adeeko and Salu, his Indian girlfriend, came for the weekend. Bola and Salu met at Cook College in their MBA program. As I later found out, Salu was an innocent girl when they met. Bola walked around my Huntington apartment shirtless most of the afternoon. It got to a point where Salu asked why he behaved so weird by walking around shirtless.


 Bola invited us to a Nigerian party in Brooklyn, New York, but I didn’t want to go. Anita was, however, curious about going to a Nigerian party. So, I ended buying Anita a black dress and going to the party with them.


o Bola Adeeko was actively trying to seduce Anita from the beginning of our relationship.

Tuesday, December 17, 1996
 I left the U.S. for my Lucent Technologies assignment in Madrid, Spain. I became the Country CFO for the Business Communications Services division in Spain.

 My boss was Sarah Williamson, a white American woman married to a Spanish man. Sarah met her husband while an exchange student in Spain.

 I had a going-away party at my apartment a week before.


Tuesday, December 24, 1996
 I drove to my Lucent Technologies office in Tres Cantos in the morning. I left work around 6:00pm and returned to Melia Castilla Hotel – Calle del Poeta Joan Maragal 45, Madrid. My hotel area was bustling and full of people when I got back from work.

 I decided to take a nap due to my jetlag. When I woke up around 9:00pm, the whole area was dead silent with no car traffic outside my hotel. So, I went downstairs to the front desk. First, I asked the guy what had happened. He explained that Christmas eve dinner is the real Christmas celebration in Spain. He told me everything would be back to normal after midnight. Then I asked him how to make an international call from my room to Germany. But he didn’t understand what Germany meant. Finally, someone came and said, Alemany. I found out that the Spanish word for Germany is Alemany.

 I went back to my room and called Anita at her parents’ house in Germany.


Wednesday, December 25, 1996
 Sarah Williamson invited me to her house for an American Christmas dinner. I met her husband and two kids at their Madrid apartment. I decided to wear my blue double breasted suit to make a good impression.


Tuesday, December 31, 1996
 Anita came from Frankfurt on December 28th to visit me in Madrid. She stayed with me at my hotel apartment.

 After dinner at a restaurant, we headed to Puerto del Sol for the New Year’s Eve celebration. Someone thought us “the twelve grapes of luck,” a Spanish tradition that consists of eating a grape with each clock bell strike at midnight to welcome the New Year. Afterward, we went dancing at a nightclub near Plaza de Mayor.


Saturday, February 1, 1997


 I moved from my hotel into a corporate apartment at Calle Lerida 8, Madrid.

 Anita visited me almost every month while I lived in Madrid. In addition, she stayed with me for two months in the summer. So, I had the best summer of my life. That’s why Spain will always have a special place in my heart.


Friday, August 29, 1997
 I flew from Madrid, Spain, to London, England, to visit Alex Dayo Adeeko for the weekend.


Saturday, August 30, 1997
 Alex and I went sightseeing around London. Then we visited his girlfriend at her home.

 Later in the evening, Alex and I went dancing at a nightclub. When we got back to his apartment around 3:00am Sunday, we heard on the news that Princess Diana had an accident in Paris, France, and died as a result of her injuries.


Saturday, September 27, 1997
 After losing out on the promotion opportunity to become the CFO for the EMEA region, I decided to leave Lucent Technologies España and move back to the United States. So, I started working as a Product Manager at Lucent Technologies – Business Communications Services – 233 Mt. Airy Road, Basking Ridge, New Jersey.

 Anita moved to the U.S. about two weeks earlier. She stayed with Kurt A. Gluck and Kimberly Donnelly in Highland Park, New Jersey, for a few weeks. Then she moved into our apartment at 100 Hiram Square, Apt. 2? New Brunswick, New Jersey.

 Anita transferred to Rutgers University College in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Her professor was concerned that she had missed so many classes, but Anita caught up with her classes.


Wednesday, December 31, 1997
 Anita and I spent New Year’s Eve in New Brunswick, New Jersey.


Sunday, September 20, 1998
 On July 7, 1998, I got promoted to finance director, Lucent Technologies – EMEA region. My boss was Serena Richardson. She moved from Texas to Saumur, France, about a month before me.

 I left the U.S. via a Continental Airlines flight from Newark to Paris. Then I took the TGV from Paris Airport to Angers, France, and went straight to the manufacturing facility ZI St Lambert Des Levees 49400 Saumur.

 Anita lived in our apartment at 100 Hiram Square, New Brunswick, New Jersey, and attended Rutgers University College.


 After living in the hotel for two months, I moved into a three-bedroom apartment at Rue de Rouen 3, apartment 2, Saumur, France. About two months later, I bought a three-month-old chocolate Labrador from a pet store in Paris.

 I visited Anita in New Brunswick about every month.


Saturday, December 19, 1998
 During her two-week Christmas break from Rutgers, Anita came from New Brunswick to visit France. I picked her up at Charles de Gaulle Airport and spent the night in Paris. Then, on Sunday, December 20th, we went on a road trip to England. We drove from Paris to Calais, France, put my blue BMW 320 on the ferry to Dover, England. From Dover, we headed to Manchester to visit my Adewale Somala for Christmas. We bought two bottles of red wine as a present for him. He drank them with a girl he picked up from the bar one night.

 While Anita and I were in Manchester, England, I contacted Lateef Ajenifuja. I told him about my plans to buy a 50-unit apartment complex off Livingston Avenue in New Brunswick, New Jersey. I offered to give him 10% of my yearly profits if he could convince Kola Abiola to invest in the $2 million building with me. He asked me to send him my financial projections. Anita and I went to the Royal Mail Post Office in downtown Manchester to overnight the financial estimates to Lagos, Nigeria. I also emailed the estimates to Lateef. Unfortunately, he never contacted me or provided any assistance with this project. The apartment complex more than doubled in price in less than ten years.

 After Christmas, we drove to Nottingham, England, to visit Astrid Lend-Drayson. Astrid attended the University of Nottingham at the time.


I believe this was when my three oldest siblings back home in Nigeria got the government involved.


Thursday, December 31, 1998

 On December 29th, Anita and I drove from Manchester to Nottingham, England. We stayed with Astrid Lenz-Drayson in her shared townhouse.

 Anita and Astrid decided to bar hooping for New Year’s Eve, but I disagreed with that plan and decided to stay home. Around 10:00pm, Astrid’s British Indian housemates came home. They didn’t like that I was home alone on a New Year’s Eve. So, they convinced me to go with them to a dance club. They were very persuasive with their British accent. So, I decided to go with them.

 When Astrid and Anita returned home, they did have a key to get in and stayed outside until we returned around 1:00am. Astrid physically assaulted me when we returned home in front of everybody.


Tuesday, May 25, 1999


 Anita graduated from Rutgers University with a degree in Arts History.

 I attended Anita’s graduation ceremony with her German girlfriend.


Monday, June 14, 1999
 Anita got a Paralegal job with a big law firm in Midtown Manhattan. She started commuting from New Brunswick by NJ Transit to the Union Station in NYC.

 After about three months, Anita’s boss fired her for being too outspoken.

 Around September, Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy, LLP (1 Chase Plaza, NYC) hired Anita as a Paralegal. She met Jim Clyber and Jennifer Anglim Kreder at the firm. Jennifer graduated from Georgetown Law School. She and her husband Alex Kreder later bought a condominium at 738 Washington Street, Apt. 1, Hoboken, two blocks away from our home.

Monday, July 5, 1999
 In preparation for my exit from Lucent Technologies, I started looking for a place for us to live in Hoboken, New Jersey. I made an offer on the house at 911 Castle Point Terrace, Hoboken. After a few weeks of negotiation, the seller gave me a verbal acceptance of my $800,000 offer. However, about a week after accepting my offer price, the seller’s agent came back and asked for $6,000 more. Unfortunately, I allowed my emotions to get the best of me, and I declined to increase my purchase price to $806,000. Looking back, I should have swallowed my pride and increased my offer because the house doubled in price within a few years.

 While I was in France, Anita had the house inspected for me.

 I later found a condominium apartment one block away from Castle Point Terrace. Friday, September 17, 1999

 I resigned from Lucent Technologies effective September 30 and moved back to the U.S. Thursday, September 30, 1999

 Anita and I bought a condominium at 1028 Hudson Street, Apt 8, Hoboken, New Jersey. We paid $275,000 for the unit.


Friday, December 31, 1999
 As a result of the 2000 computer (Y2K) worries, Anita and I decided to stay close to home for the New Year’s Eve celebration. So, I made a dinner reservation at a local restaurant/lounge at the corner of Washington and 6th Streets in Hoboken.

 Around 9:00pm, Anita and I went to the restaurant for dinner and later danced. We left the restaurant around 2:00am Saturday. On our way back home, Anita lost one of her earrings while walking on Washington Street.

What Dangote did to I and my wife (How it all started)

Wednesday, March 1, 2000
 I started working as CFO for iXL New York Inc. – 79 5th Avenue, NYC.

 Bola Adeeko relocated from Hagerstown, Maryland, to work for JP Morgan Chase – 1 Chase Plaza, NYC. Unfortunately, Bola and Anita ended up working in the same office building. Bola lived in a corporate apartment in NYC before purchasing a condominium in Hoboken. Bola had a Swedish coworker that lived in Hoboken with his Chinese American wife. Anita told me she ran into Bola Adeeko on multiple occasions in their office building.

 At the same time, Oscar Onyema worked at the American Stock Exchange – 86 Trinity Place, NYC. The Exchange building was about three blocks away from Anita’s office building.

 In early summer, Anita went to a Milbank’s office party in NYC with her coworkers. After the party, one of Anita’s paralegal coworkers, the young white guy that graduated from Princeton University, invited Anita to an after-party with his friends. Then another paralegal coworker, the black girl that lived in Harlem, New York, stepped in and advised Anita not to go to the after-party. She told Anita they were going to the after-party to use Cocaine. Anita also said that the Princeton guy had sex with his girlfriend in their office multiple times.


o Someone tried to entrap Anita with illicit drugs as far back as 2000.


Wednesday, April 26, 2000


 Bola Adeeko bought a condominium at 727 Jackson Street, Apt 5, Hoboken.

 Around September 2001, Oscar Onyema bought a condominium at 400 9th Street, Apt. 3B, Hoboken. Before that, Oscar lived at 2801 John F. Kennedy Blvd, Apt. D9, Jersey City, New Jersey.



o Ever since Bola Adeeko introduced me to Oscar Onyema in 2000, several things started happening around us in Hoboken, New Jersey. The strategy behind this chain of events was simple, consciously presents someone with an idea and the opportunity to self-destruct.

o I have many examples dating back to 2001 in our Hoboken apartment building through our time at the Flyin’ Hawaiian beach house.


Wednesday, November 1, 2000
 On October 31, 2000, I left iXL New York, Inc. because the Board relocated the corporate functions to Atlanta, Georgia.

 I started working as CFO for Vettro Corp. – 35 W 35th Street, NYC. Rodger Desai and Ajay Bhat hired me.


Friday, March 9, 2001
 Anita and I flew to Miami Beach, Florida, for a one-week vacation. We stayed at the Beachcomber Hotel – 1340 Collins Avenue. We first stayed at this hotel back in March 1995 on our road trip with my Mazda Miata.

 One evening, Anita showed me a for-sale sign posted on a realtor’s office window while we were heading back from a fancy seafood restaurant (1st Street and Ocean Drive). It was a for-sale sign for the Beachcomber Hotel. It was owned by an Austrian family back in March 1995 but by Donovan in March 2001.

 After a few weeks of negotiation, the hotel owner accepted my $2.4 million offer price. I then started looking for a bank to finance the mortgage. A Nigerian Mortgage broker in Jersey City, New Jersey, that I used to refinance our Hoboken mortgage, introduced me to a commercial mortgage broker named Michael Mikulewich on Long Island, New York.

 We finally scheduled the hotel closing for September 28, 2001. I drove my BMW 530 to Miami Beach with David Otuyelu in preparation for the closing. I left my BMW in the Miami Beach parking garage across from the hotel and flew home with David. Then September 11 happened, and Florida tourism went down. I ended up in a multi-year legal battle with Michael Mikulewich.


Wednesday, April 25, 2001
William Carlton Quinn (a white Wall Street guy and his fiancée Jorge) bought 1028 Hudson Street, Apt 10, Hoboken, New Jersey for $275,000.


Friday, June 29, 2001


 Anita resigned from her Paralegal position at Milbank Tweed – 1 Chase Plaza, NYC.  I also resigned from my CFO position at Vettro Corp. – 35 W 35th Street NYC.


Sunday, July 1, 2001
 Anita and I, with our chocolate lab, started our six-week cross-country camping trip.

 We stopped in Smoking Mountain, North Carolina; New Orleans, San Antonio and Big Bend, Texas; Albuquerque, New Mexico; Grand Canyon, Arizona; Las Vegas, Yosemite National Park, Bandon, Oregon; Boise, Idaho; Yellowstone National Park, and Des Moines, Iowa.

 While in the State of Oregon, we were pulled over by local police while driving from Bullards Beach campsite to the Egyptian Theater – 229 S. Broadway, Coos Bay, Oregon. When I asked the white policeman why he pulled us over, he said he wanted to make sure we were not fugitives from the law. We drove a black Range Rover HSE with a New Jersey license plate.

 We paid a visit to a winery in Roseburg, Oregon, and bought a few bottles of Pinot Noir. Tuesday, September 4, 2001

 Anita started attending St. John’s University Law School in Queens, New York.

 I started trading stocks and stock options full-time and working from home.

Monday, September 11, 2001

 Around 9:15am, while I was sitting at my home office in our back bedroom, Anita yelled “Kevin” from our living room. I asked her, “what happened?” She replied, “an idiot has flown a plane into the World Trade Center.” So, I walked to the living room and started watching the TV with her. Then we saw the second plane crash into the second tower. At that point, I went to our bedroom window to look at the World Trade Center towers.

 Anita later asked me if she should go to her law school for the scheduled classes that morning. Since she used to take the PATH train from Hoboken to World Trade Center to connect with the NYC Metro train, I told her that would not be good. So instead, we spent the whole day watching the event on television.

 About 35 Hoboken residents died in the World Trade Center.


Saturday, May 0, 2002
 After Miriam Isabel Krug and her German fiancé broke up their engagement, she wanted a change of scenery. So, Miriam moved from Frankfurt (Main) to the U.S. and lived in Hoboken, New Jersey. We rented our second bedroom in the back to her for $300 per month.

 But unfortunately, Miriam started dating an Italian American Hofstra law student a few weeks later. The guy was into bodybuilding, and he used steroids to build muscles.


Miriam complained to Anita that her boyfriend could not perform in the bedroom because of his steroid use on several occasions.

 Soon after, Miriam started using our apartment washing machine to wash one pair of G String underwear (thong) at a time. Then she would leave the underwear in the washer all day for someone else to pick up. Anita complained that she wasted water by washing only one pair of underwear at a time.



o Miriam’s intentions were not kosher.

Around June 2002
 At the beginning of the summer, William Quinn, the white Wall Street guy that lived in apartment 10 above us, started having an affair with Jennifer Maria Bermudez, an Italian American-looking girl with beautiful black hair. Even though he was engaged and living with his fiancée, he started bringing home the girl while his fiancée was at Jersey Shore for the summer.

 There was a particular night that thing got steamily hot between them. While they were having sex, the girl moaned so loud, and the wall shook that neighbors thought Anita and I were the ones. Kristin Carter, our next-door neighbor, jokingly mentioned it to Anita the following day. Anita then told Kristin that the guy in apartment 10 did everything.

 Later, the guy’s fiancée broke up their engagement upon finding out about the affair. Then the Italian American-looking girl moved into apartment 10 with him. Soon after moving in, the loud sex stopped, and they started fighting all the time. Finally, they broke up about six months later, and the girl moved out.

What Dangote did to I and my wife (How it all started)
Kristin Carter



o My research found out that William and Jennifer Quinn married on April 30, 2010, and bought a home at 278 Lafayette Avenue, Chatham, New Jersey, on July 14, 2014, for $1,080,000. So, as it turns out, they didn’t break up like we were made to believe. Instead, they asked Kristin to break us up, but she declined and moved out of her apartment.


Friday, August 30, 2002
 A few weeks prior, Kristin Carter moved out of 1028 Hudson Street Apt. 7 to another apartment building in Hoboken.

 Apartment 7 owner sold it to Robert and Catherine Ardrey for $365,000. Robert is a white American man, and Catherine is a French lady. They came to our wedding.


Saturday, October 27, 2002
 While driving home from Webster Hall in NYC around 5:00am, I received a call from Julius Bada in Lagos, Nigeria. He told me that our mother passed away at St. Nicholas Hospital in Lagos Island, Nigeria. She had a stroke around October 13, 2001, three days before my diabetes measuring instrument package arrived in Lagos by FedEx. She was eighty-three years old.

 I told Anita when I reached our apartment in Hoboken, New Jersey.

 Anita and I called several travel agents for a flight to Lagos, Nigeria. However, the airlines canceled all flights crossing the Atlantic Ocean except Singapore Airlines because of the hurricane.

 I bought a Singapore Airlines ticket: JFK – London Heathrow and Virgin Atlantic Airlines ticket: London Heathrow – Lagos, Nigeria.

 When my Singapore Airlines flight (Boeing 747) took off from JFK Airport, the plane cabin vibrated non-stop for the flight duration. I had never experienced anything like that flight.

 Our mother was buried next to her house’s front gate before sunset, according to Muslim rites.


Sunday, October 28, 2002
 I arrived in Lagos, Nigeria.

 I spent my whole time in my mother’s old apartment in the back house.


Saturday, November 2, 2002
 We had a traditional burial party for my mother in front of her house – 28 Charles Avenue, Apapa Ajegunle, Lagos.


Friday, December 28, 2002


 Anita flew to Germany for her grandmother’s burial. Unfortunately, Anita’s grandmother died about two days earlier.

 Two weeks later, Anita’s grandfather died. They were grandparents from Anita’s mother’s side.

 Emma, Anita’s grandmother from her father’s side, was the only grandparent left.


Monday, December 31, 2002
 Oscar Onyema, Bola Adeeko, and I went to the Evelyn Lounge – 380 Columbus Avenue, NYC for the New Year’s Eve celebration. Anita and I went to this lounge on several occasions before showing it to Oscar and Bola.


Sunday, June 1, 2003
 Anita moved to Washington, DC, to start her summer internship at a small law firm – 1350 Connecticut Avenue NW. She subleased a one-bedroom shared apartment from Jeff’s twin sister at 2400 Pennsylvania Avenue NW. Jeff was a red hair Jewish classmate of Anita at St. John’s Law School. He came to our wedding with Anita’s other classmates.

 Anita had a Chinese American flatmate who was a GWU law student. Anita had the bedroom, and her flatmate had the living room.

 Anita met a girl named Heather, a summer intern from Syracuse Law School, at her law firm. Heather rented a room from Kevin Batteh, a Palestinian American lawyer. Even though Heather had a Syracuse law student boyfriend back in Philadelphia, Anita told me that Heather started having an affair with her landlord Kevin Batteh. Racheal, a DC prosecuting attorney, lived with Kevin Batteh. Sarah E. Alkenbrack also lived in the house with them – 1009 O Street NW. Kevin Batteh later married Sarah. Heather later married her boyfriend from Philadelphia in 2009.

 While I was staying at Anita’s apartment during my visits, there were a couple of instances when her flatmate walked around the apartment completely naked. For example, she once walked naked into the kitchen on a Friday afternoon while Anita was at work, and at another time, I was sitting on the toilet late at night, and Anita was sleeping.

 I started remodeling our Hoboken apartment while Anita was in Washington, DC. Then we bought a French TV cabinet from Tradition De France in Alexandria, Virginia.

 While Anita was in Washington, DC, I bought a gray Mercedes-Benz C190 for my dad at an auction in Manheim, Pennsylvania. David and I drove the car to Baltimore and parked it at his house. Anita later moved the car from Baltimore to Washington, DC, and Hoboken. Finally, I shipped the car to Lagos, Nigeria, for our father. The car arrived in Lagos in September 2003.


o Someone tried hard to get us to mess up our relationship.

Friday, August 22, 2003


 Around 5:00pm, about ten guy friends and I left Hoboken, New Jersey, for my bachelor party weekend trip to Montreal, Canada. Oscar Onyema and Bola Adeeko organized this trip (Friday, August 22 – Sunday, August 24, 2003). We drove multiple cars via I-87 North directly to the Canadian border.

 The Quebec Provincial Police pulled us over about 5 miles after crossing the U.S.- Canadian border checkpoint. I was fined $300 for speeding and taken to an ATM to withdraw money and pay the fine in cash.

 We got to our Montreal Marriott Chateau Champlain late in the evening. One guy arrived at the hotel before us because he flew directly from Philadelphia to Montreal. Upon arriving at our hotel, I overheard Bola Adeeko telling someone that night that guy had already slept with an escort girl before our arrival.


o Consciously presents someone with an idea and the opportunity to self-destruct. Bola planted the picture in the guys’ brains that it was okay to sleep with escort girls while away from their significant others.

o Like many of these things, Ganiat Adebola Afun (nee Ajenifuja) ordered Oscar Onyema and Bola Adeeko to entrap me on my bachelor party weekend trip.


Background: After graduating with a bachelor’s in Microbiology at the University of Minnesota in 1977, Ganiat Adebola Afun was supposed to start medical school. Instead, she returned to Nigeria to pursue her Nigerian boyfriend that had moved back earlier. But, unfortunately, before she got back to Nigeria, the boyfriend had gotten another girl pregnant. So, she broke up with him and met Amos Afun a few years later. Ganiat Adebola Afun was our father’s favorite child until she decided to marry Amos against our father’s desires. So, our father declined to attend her wedding and stopped talking to her, and she effectively lost her status as the favorite child.


Saturday, August 23, 2003
 On August 17, 2021, reliable sources gave me new information about this trip.

 In the evening, Oscar Onyema and Bola Adeeko brought two white Quebecois escort girls to our Montreal Marriott Chateau Champlain hotel room against my specific request not to invite hookers or escorts or strippers. Unbeknownst to me and the guys, Oscar Onyema and Bola Adeeko had arranged for someone to place hidden cameras in one of our hotel rooms.

When the two escort girls arrived at our hotel room, I politely told Oscar and Bola to send them away. Instead, the girls were moved to the pre-arranged hotel room with hidden cameras rather than comply with my request. They secretly recorded the sexual escapade in that room with hidden cameras. Oscar Onyema and Bola Adeeko later used this information to blackmail the other guys. So, discovering this new information made me revisit all my dealings with Oscar and Bola to make sure things were kosher.



o The execution of this plan was made possible by Robin Brooks, a former Goldman Sachs NYC employee and a German intelligence officer. Before Goldman Sachs, Robin Brooks spent eight years as an economist at the International Monetary Fund.

What Dangote did to I and my wife (How it all started)
Robin Brooks

Friday, September 5, 2003
 Around 4:00pm, Anita and I parked our SUV on Madison Avenue. Then, we started walking towards the 51st Street side entrance into the New York Palace Hotel for our wedding reception final preparation. As we walked towards the door, we saw Mariam Isabel Krug walking in front of us. She was walking towards Park Avenue.

 Miriam, Anita, and I attended our wedding tasting at the New York Palace Hotel a few weeks earlier. Our wedding planner was a Swiss lady that worked for the hotel.

 Mariam and Anita met in college in Frankfurt, Germany, and became friends. Miriam once invited us for dinner at her parents’ house in Frankfurt and at another time to a Biergarten. Mariam lived with us in Hoboken, New Jersey, for about six months, before moving to Spanish Harlem, NYC. Mariam was disinvited to our wedding because she logged into Anita’s Yahoo email account, read her emails, and deleted emails from Astrid Lenz-Drayson.

 Around 7:00pm, we had our rehearsal dinner at a French restaurant in NYC for close relatives and bridal parties.

 Anita and her bridesmaids spent the night at the New York Palace Hotel suite.


What Dangote did to I and my wife (How it all started)
Miriam Isabel Krug


o On December 31, 2021, Reliable sources informed me that Miriam Isabel Krug and Anna Karapiperidis, Oscar Onyema’s fiancée, worked together for my siblings.


Thursday, May 20, 2004
 Anita graduated from St. John’s University Law School. Anita’s parents came for her graduation.

 The Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo’s son also graduated from law school. One of Obasanjo’s wives and several Nigerian women were at the ceremony. The Nigerian women made a scene when the Dean called Obasanjo’s son’s name to receive his certificate. After that, all the Nigerian women got up and started singing and dancing.


Friday, September 10, 2004
 We closed on our new house at 5226 Klingle Street NW, Washington, DC 20016.

 We bought the house for $800,000.


Monday, May 23, 2005


 For the summer, Anita and I joined the Flyin’ Hawaiians beach house – 123 Bellevue Street, Dewey Beach, Delaware. We bought half share for $950 each and went to the house every other weekend between Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day weekend. From: Heidi Peisner <[email protected]>
To: “[email protected]” <[email protected]>
Sent: Monday, May 23, 2005, 03:55:09 PM EDT
Subject: Beach House Contact List

Hi Everyone,

The big weekend is almost here! It’s been a long winter and I’m ready for summer 🙂

I think I have everyone’s email address, but could you please send me a phone number (cell is best for the beach) and I’ll put together a contact list? Also, if you want to include your home address or at least city that would be great too. A lot of people have asked about carpooling and it helps to see if anyone lives near you.

Thanks and see you this weekend!



Friday, June 10, 2005
 Anna Kaliszewska contacted me via email out of the blue. Anna later invited me to visit her in London, England.
From: “[email protected]” <[email protected]>
To: “[email protected]” <[email protected]>
Sent: Friday, June 10, 2005, 10:30:39 AM EDT
Subject: Re: honesty

well kevin, its hard to say. i just know i still think about you and that you are still on my mind. some time ago i started to think about you and i cant stop. and its not about me feeling alone. it is not! i just felt very good with you; u were always so smart, and fun and so nice.

but anyway, u have wife and there is nothing we can do about it. and surely you are in love with her not with me.
honestly, i would like you to come to paris to visit me. i would like you to come and spend some time with me. i dont know why i want it but when i think about paris i think about you. but maybe i should keep it for myself? u have wife and no matter what i would not want u to cheat on her, or i would not like her to feel sad coz of me. but still i would damn like to see u and do that absolutely forrbiden things. now im in londond.second day. we have really nice, new flat, and now we r looking for a job…lol


 In early 2009, Anna Kaliszewska sent me several pictures of herself, (including the black dick picture below.)


What Dangote did to I and my wife (How it all started)
Anna Alicja Kaliszewska, Ph.D.


 On June 10, 2009, Małgorzata Kaliszewska, Anna Kaliszewska’s baby sister and Oscar Onyema’s Polish lover, sent me a Facebook message. It says, “Thank you Kevin for e mail to Oscar :))))” This message was exactly four years before Anna Kaliszewska sent me the email above. Malgorzata and I were not Facebook friends. So, someone must have given her my information. Anna is now married to Richard Leach.


Malgorzata’s message confirms that Oscar Onyema sent Anna Kaliszewska to entrap me. Someone perpetuated the myth of hypersexual black men.

Saturday, August 13, 2005
 The Flyin’ Hawaiian beach house had a boat party. We started at the bay next to our beach house through the Rehoboth canal. While cruising through the canal, a white guy (weekend guest) started dancing tight with Kate Groen. When I saw the uncomfortable look on Kate’s face, I stepped in and started slow dancing with the guy. A few minutes later, a white girl that stayed at the beach house as a guest for the weekend flashed her breasts to the two white guys in a small boat next to us. The white girl was a nurse in the DMV area. The two white guys turned their boat around and followed us back to our beach house.



 The following morning, someone told us in the kitchen that Kate came back to the beach house with a white guy from the bar and wanted to cuddle on her bed with the guy, but he wanted sex. Everybody in the kitchen started laughing that she would bring a guy to the house to cuddle with him.

 In September 2010, while walking on Connecticut Avenue towards Dupont Circle, I ran into Dele Awoniyi. He mentioned in passing that he ran into Kate Groen at Cafe Saint-Ex lounge. Dele said they danced and kissed all evening. I remembered telling myself that could not be true because Dele was not Kate’s type. Kate was into preppy white guys.



o Consciously provides someone with an idea and the opportunity to self-destruct. For example, give a guy an idea to step outside his relationship and destroy his marriage.

o Dele tried to entice me to return to Café Saint-Ex lounge and look for Kate Groen. This is the same Dele Awoniyi who intentionally left a pink condom in my 1441 Rhode Island Avenue NW apartment in November 2004. What kind of a guy buys a pink condom anyway?


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