Whispers Mistaken as Cacophony; Yet, All Eyes on the Judiciary!

Whispers Mistaken as Cacophony; Yet, All Eyes on the Judiciary!

Stemming a nation’s haemorrhage, (and they often come), should be highlighted on the pages of a true leader’s menu. Leadership is political engineering and development as a concept is essentially about looking for societal problems or troubles, (infact shopping for them), and dealing with each. It encapsulates what citizens want – progress. That is number one.


The second aspect of developmental leadership is the ability to parry problems or issues that come unexpected. They are called challenges. Yet, in-between those latitudes, leadership deals daily with the promises of human nature. They could be noisy, loud, demanding and rocky sometimes. But those dictates of human beings are in his nature, nobody can stop them. In a liberal society, they shouldn’t be suppressed, gagged or treated with levity.


But the worst mistake any government could make is to deliberately create problems, by shortchanging a process. Reference: INEC in the 2023 presidential election! The consequences are always indelible, with false steps to close gaps. Sequentially, you get untidy and half baked policies. Worst, the government reacts irrationally. Reason, when conscience is spurious, every step sounds like a war machine. Such is a simple phrase like “All Eyes On the Judiciary”. Still, all our eyes are focused on the judiciary.


Pat Uchendu writes for PO Express Media, POEM.

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