Whoopi Goldberg: Why I stopped Dating Younger Men

Whoopi Goldberg stopped dating younger men after discovering one boyfriend hadn’t heard of The Beatles.


The 65-year-old “Sister Act” star was chatting about age-gap relationships on her TV panel programme “The View” on Wednesday (06Oct21) when she stopped to explain why she has stopped hanging out with younger men.


“Let me tell you why I stopped doing lots of things with younger folks,” she said. “I went out with a younger dude and he said, ‘I can’t believe this… I did not know that Paul McCartney had another band.’ And you kind of go, ‘The Beatles? You’ve never heard of The Beatles?’ ”

Whoopi Goldberg: Why I stopped Dating Younger Men
Whoopi Goldberg: Why I stopped Dating Younger Men

“You have to know when you’re going younger, there’s a lot of information that you have to impart. And sometimes it’s tiring.”


But the “Ghost” star admitted she won’t completely rule out dating younger men in the future, because she often finds them more attractive.

“You’re like, ‘Yeah, you’re younger, but you look good!’ ” Whoopi laughed. “So you never know. It depends on my mood. It’s about the person.”

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“Sometimes you meet somebody who is younger than you and… look, it would be perfect if everybody was well-matched and well put together, but they’re not. And you find it where you find it, and it may last a long time or it may not.”


Whoopi Goldberg’s famous exes included actor Frank Langella and Ted Danson. She has a daughter from her first marriage to Alvin Martin.

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