Yesterday, news broke that a certain Felix Agu who works with the Imo State branch of the Independent National Electoral Commission was whisked away by the Nigerian secret Police, allegedly over his involvement in leaking information on padding of the voters registration in Imo, especially, Omuma with thousands of fake names.


More than 24 hours after this viral news, the DSS is yet to issue a statement to clarify if they truly have this young man and why they have him in their custody.


I am not one of those who would want to get in the way of security agencies in doing their job, but, I believe that the DSS has more important tasks to carry out in Imo State than being used to get at supposed opponents of the State government.


If Mr. Felix Agu is truly complicit in any offence, I think the first thing to do is for the Commission where he works to carry out internal disciplinary action against him, and when they establish a prima facie evidence of crime against him, hand him over to the Nigerian Police. It is unethical for security agents to arrest a public servant over matters relating to his or her job without reaching out to the agency or ministry they work in. It is actually the INEC that was supposed to hand him over to the Police if he is suspected of involvement in any crime outside his office, but when it has to do with his job, it should, ideally, be the INEC that would involve the Police.


Given that INEC is yet to make any official statement, to my knowledge, confirming that they invited the DSS to arrest one of their staff and the DSS after more than 24 hours of arresting the young man, is yet to make a statement clarifying why they have him in their custody, I will want to assume that Mr. Felix Agu is a victim of political persecution and it is unfortunate that the DSS in Imo State is allowing herself to be used for such jobs.


If truly, Felix Agu is behind leaking the information about how some unknown names found their ways into the INEC portal, then, he should be given a national award and celebrated for his role in trying to save us from what would have been the most disastrous rape on our democracy. The DSS should have beamed their searchlight on those involved in that mindless fraud of registering fake names.


Felix Agu should be set free by the DSS or charged to court if there is any evidence linking him to a crime.



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