Why Your husbands are all over me – Blessing CEO

Why Your husbands are all over me - Blessing CEO

Blessing CEO, a relationship therapist, has explained why many husbands are all over her. She proudly expressed her youthful appearance, claiming that at 34 years old, she looks like a 22-year-old woman.


In a video shared on her Facebook page, Okoro Blessing confidently revealed that both married and unmarried men are admiring her, and many of them approach her with romantic interest.


In the video, Blessing CEO declared, “I am 34 years old, yet I resemble a 22-year-old. Notice how your husbands and boyfriends are gazing at me. I challenge any married woman who hasn’t changed her hair for a week or two to look as beautiful as I do. Don’t you think men, whether married or not, would be interested in asking me out when I look like this


She further emphasized that her physical attributes, including a nice backside and intelligence, make her a complete package. With confidence, she extended an invitation to her audience, playfully stating that she is available if they have any single brothers or cousins to introduce.


Blessing CEO’s video exuded self-assurance and an appreciation for her appearance. Her remarks were meant to showcase her youthful look and appeal, while also asserting that she garners attention from men due to her attractiveness and charism


As a relationship therapist, Blessing CEO might be using her unique style of self-promotion to demonstrate how confidence and self-love can positively impact one’s life. By embracing her physical traits and personality, she encourages others to feel comfortable in their own skin and to celebrate their individuality.


It’s essential to note that while her statements exude confidence, self-expression, and a sense of humor, they may also provoke various reactions from her audience. Some may admire her boldness, while others may interpret her words differently. Regardless, Blessing CEO’s video reflects her unapologetic approach to life and her desire to connect with her followers in a candid and engaging manner


Women are expected to learn for this and not beef.

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