We congratulate many a Yabatech student on the successful completion of the very demanding 10-day examination exercise staged, conducted  and attempted under varying degrees of harsh learning and living conditions that are injurious to optimum academic performance. We are hopeful that the forces would fortify us freshly for the new semester, as we depart to our various destinations for recuperation during the break.

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Without paralysis of the already disturbing analysis that we are not ignorant of, we demand that College Management expedite purposeful actions and measures that would see to the improvement of the welfarism of students, particularly those who reside on campus. The Congress in its fearless resolve has been able to influence certain developments witnessed over the course of the semester and during the exams. Whilst still unsatisfied with the snail-pace adjustments, we call on relevant quarters to act accordingly in the best interest of the students.
The College management must also intensify efforts towards rehabilitation of the road networks and interlocks which are a eye-sore whenever there is a heavy downpour. It would not be out of place to engage the School of Environmental Sciences, as well as  Civil and Natural Resources Engineering in undertaking the task of fixing our campus roads. Students who  major in related disciplines, placed on quality remuneration packages would deliver the road projects in record time under the supervision of the real, practical organized labor work force. This would amount to putting the students  hands on in relating class-room feeds to industrial needs. The Office of the Director of Special Duties should come up with workable mechanisms that could actualize this thoughtful narrative.
Having appointed and brought forward a 4-man committee to represent the entire student populace in the College Council’s department of Student affairs, we demand an unconditional reinstatement of the Student Union as soon as possible. Students should begin to mobilize for Congress and engage in the struggle to restore a Union of the students, for the students and by the students.
5. In unflinching solidarity, we condemn the rounds of neo liberal attacks voraciously eating away what remains of our education sector by way of an astronomic school fee increment for students in Ladoke Akintola University of Science and Technology (LAUTECH). This school fee increment is an inconsiderate move by the University Senate diligently orchestrating the script of the APC led Osun and Oyo State owned institution to cover up for their inability to provide subvention for the varsity. This attempt of pricing education out of the reach of the poor and ordinary Nigerian is lacking in merit as students of the institution have parents who are workers on the payroll of Osun and Oyo States are been massively owed backlog of salaries and other emoluments. We rebuke this anti-worker cum anti-student policy, even as we call for mass mobilization of Students’ Unions, civil rights movements and structures to unleash canisters of engagements on the administrators to reverse the fees back to status quo.
In the same vein, we come against the unlawful dismissal, expulsion and rustication of student leaders in the University for reasons that hold no valid grounds. This attack is an attempt to further engender the culture of silence and fear in students. The leadership and membership of Yabatech Students’ Congress hereby demand the reinstatement of all suspended students of the varsity.
We call on the extant, standing Committees on Education in the red and green chambers of the National Assembly to address the issue of underfunding of this critical sector of our ‘under developed’ Nigeria. If Nigeria must develop in deed and in truth, she must seriously provide for education.
Yabatech Students’ Congress is a coalition of all Yabatech students who are desirous of a better Yabatech. The Congress calls for a wider and all inclusive participation irrespective of study mode (PT or FT) and level (ND or HND).

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We wish every Yabatech student a safe and eventful semester break.
Yabatech Students’ Congress
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