Stupidity is when you go around, trying to malign a man who already survived at your age and you are yet to attain 5% of his achievements; The true Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah they are trying to hide from you…The Godfather of verified capacity and a successful businessman.

Ifeanyi’s like they said is a very popular name in Igboland. Often regarded as stubborn, fearless, driven, goal oriented, focused and successful.
Yes!!! I would know because I know one, not the kind that is going about sharing nonsense and fool of themselves.


Now the real Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah!
It is a name that rings bell across the world because he has paid his dues and deserves some accolades. While we can’t pretend not to notice that Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah has done so much for humanity, it is on record that Ifeanyi Ubah is one of the first 5 successful men in Anambra State that is at peace with his kinsmen.
We cannot overlook his credible record of inventing new things and making them sellable, everyone’s interest and the market demand everywhere you go. In fact, I wish he writes a book and title it; “The Touch Of A Heavenly Sent”, sure it will be a best seller!
It is no news that Anambra South is looking to produce a senator to represent the good people of the zone as is required by the constitution of the country. So it is not a child’s play neither should it be for the immature, erratic, duplicitous, vengeful.
Let’s take a trip down memory lane and remind ourselves of the main who Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah is.

1. Capital Oil and Gas Ltd:
Capital Oil and Gas Ltd is currently the central nervous system of Nigeria and those in the business are not just successful but hugely influential and beneficial to their immediate communities just as Dr. Ubah is to Ndi Anambra and Ndi Igbo in general. Today, he double it as the only igbo man with the biggest tank farm! Capital Oil and Gas Ltd is a house hold name, a name behind the immediate cut in the patrol hike when greedy marketers wanted to suffer Nigerians out of their selfish desire. Because his role in the patrol industry cannot be over look, they had no option than to bring out patrol and Nigerians started enjoying again. Capital Oil and Gas Ltd, a company with over 2000 workers is the biggest employer of labor in lagos state Nigeria.
2. Capital Oil Filing Stations:
It is no secret that Ifeanyi Ubah has filing stations all over the country, all to make patrol accessible to the average and poor Nigerians at a cheaper rate because of his love for humanity. As a matter of fact, Capital Oil Filing Stations is one of reasons behind the success story of kero direct (the means through which Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah distributed kerosene almost for free to poor Nigerians).

3. Nnewi Diocese Catholic Cathedral:
This one needs no elaboration because we all know the truth but for record purposes, be informed. Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah in his quest to build a befitting house for the creator of universe and the giver of true wealth, decided to build cathedral for the lord and so far, work has gone over 60% percent down the line and still ongoing. Do yourself a favor, stop by the church one of this days to see things yourself. You can as well visit his lord bishop for briefing on how work has been going on in the house of God.
– Did I even tell you that instead of buying land to build plaza, he bought land at 100 foot-road and gave it to Holy Trinity Catholic Church to build their church?
-Did I tell you that he renovated St’ Peter Clever, Umuanuka Otolo Nnewi (his own parish) and has been so supportive till date?
– Have you heard that he gave a 7 plots of land to a seminary school in Ozubulu to build for the lord?

– Are aware that he gave N60million for the construction of Bishop Ibezil’s Bishop court in awka?
4. FC Ifeanyi Ubah:
In 2015, Ifeanyi Ubah proceeded to venture into football because of his love for the game of soccer! A man whose dream always is to put Anambra State in the world map, approached Chief Gabriel Chukwuma (Ogbuefi Nnanyelugo) and bought the then Gabros FC and renamed it FC Ifeanyi Ubah. In 2016, the club brought home (Anambra State) Caf Cup and has remained the only private owned club in the premier league side with Internationally certified stadium.
5. West Ham Contract:
In 2016, Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah owned Fc Ifeanyi Ubah entered into contract with West Ham United Fc, a contract that will see Nigerian and African players be sent to West Ham and other European Clubs to play the game of soccer in no long time. After this partnership, the human capacity developer took over 100 Anambra Youths to UK, a trip that saw some travel outside Nigeria for the first time and a trip that even saw some self exhumed soccer gurus appear on the Super Sports for the first time.

6. Football Made In Anambra – 1F1F:
1 Family 1 Footballer project, a scheme to unearth our own Messi, Ronaldo Pogba, Hazard and Jay Jay from Anambra State. To this effect, offices has been paid for and branded with the project colors. This is for you to have access in the making of new Anambra stars and the project is already ongoing but will take another massive dimension in few weeks. All in Ubah’s quest to achieve positive result.
Already, over 100,000 footballs and jerseys are on ground for this God given idea. Tell me if any can equal this?
7. Authority Newspaper:
The only indigenous print media that speak for Ndi Igbo and the only igbo print media that is fearless in reportage.
8. Authority Radio:
When it was first announced that Nnewi was getting her first ever Radio Station, enemies thought it will not happen but true Anambrarians were proud especially when they learnt who was behind the project. Thou enemies staked huge bets that this will not happened but G*d failed them and proved them wrong. Not only did G*d shame them, Authority Radio turned the voice, east of the niger within few months of operation.
Sincere apologies to the listeners of the station, the management is working tirelessly to bring back your favorite station on air soon (since after the tragic that struck us recent) all inconvenience regretted!

9. Anambra State Football Association:
We all know Anambra State loves Sports most especially Football. We all know that Football is the only true thing that binds Nigeria together and Ubah has worked so hard to keep this momentum, he made sure entrance to his stadium during matches are subsidized and most times, free. He has taken football to all nook and crooner of the State, he has taken football to even primary schools in the state. In fact, football is the most get together event in Anambra State today.
Despite being just 2yrs at the helm of ASFA (came in in 2016), his tenure has produced more positive results than ever in Anambra State.
10. Russia Empowerment Program:
The World Cup is a global FOOTBALL event to celebrate football and unify the world in the process and meant for lovers of football across the globe.
It is barely 3weeks these empowered Anambra Youths came back to the country and we have recorded one traveled to London UK. This is simply a breeding of future soccer coaches, football analysts, well independent Nigerian youths.


11. Brazil Empowerment:
In 2014, over 50 Nigerians were taking to Brazil to watch World Cup just like what happened few months ago, today over 97% picked up life from there. They are successful people in their fields of practice.
12: The Best Road Network and The Longest Street Light In Anambra:
It is no doubt that Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah remain the only rich man in Anambra State with over 3kms of road constructed by him and networked with uninterrupted street light since over 5 years.
13: Umunne, do we even know that Dr. Ubah married at the age of 23yrs and established Capital Oil and Gas at the age of 32?
Amb. Emeka E Odidika.

Abuja Nigeria – 2018.
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