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Saturday, 13 February 2016


The night I lost my virginity,
An hour of sexual serenity,
There,I laid down my dignity,
My pride I gave with loyalty
For the dude I called my royalty.

Like an acid in blue litmus paper,
Blood I saw on my wrapper,
Like a lame man dances to the piper,
I began to shiver and waver,
There,I lost my temper.

Who will I tell of the night?
The night I gave myself to the knight;
The knight I told to make me a knit;
A knit which no one could ignite,
Here I am without a mite.

It was February fourteen
In the year two thousand and fourteen,
My friends said I am faulty,
But I don't know that all his flattery
Was nothing but a mere glittery.

O' see the night
That taunted my glory,
Behold the scene under the moon
That truncated my future,
The night that took away my pride.

I wept in silence to restore my fortune,
I prayed on the mountain to shun this misfortune,
I fasted many days to quit this shameful tune,
Here on earth it's not possible,I don't know of Neptune,
My glory has gone;my future has been jeopardized.

The sermon in church I never listened,
The Valentine's songs I love singing,
My life is now a lesson and a mystery
For the damsels and lasses of our time
Who still love flirting.

I will sit at the entrance of our city,
I will preach of my lost virginity
To the lasses of our time,
Who are fully prepared for this val.,
To learn from my lost virginity.

  Cc: Unknown

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