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Thursday, 20 July 2017

Why are Models always more serious then Lawyers? DJ Smooth's Pool Party.

So still about Dj Smooth's "Get Wet Sunday Pool Party" held in June 2017, while taking personal shots for Amazine Dj Nestle, I got thinking as it got to the models display part.

Though I have always have this thought in mind, but it has not strikes deep as this time, so I wonder, Why are models more serious in facial expression than lawyers?

Personal opinion, I don't think I will like a model - male or female, who doesn't smile to market any of my thing, unless I get a vivid explanation as to why.

And just incase you have not been following my blog post on Dj Smooth or missed the last post Click Here to Read.

Meanwhile, the Dj Smooth Party brought down the finest rising models with different sizes and shapes.

Enjoy through my blog gallery below.

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