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"A Tribute To My Country Nigeria" by Blossom Lawrence

Happy Independence Day Celebration!

Happy 56th Birthday Nigeria !

Welcome to the Month of October.

I am excited not just because this is the birth month of a Nigeria ruled by Nigerians,  but this is also  a time to speak positive about my country Nigeria.

Nigeria is a land blessed with rich human and material resources.  It is blessed with rich cultural heritage. Nigeria is unique in its diversity it.  It is a country   where over 230 languages are spoken.  It is a country that has rich soil in different geopolitical zones and food items can be planted and grown beautifully on its soil.

Nigeria has many different natural and human resources most of which has not even be tapped.  

Nigeria has a great climate with different seasons coming at its time.

Nigerians are hardworking, talented, survivors and  happy people in spite of all challenges they face daily.  Nigerians are unstoppable especially when they decide to do something.

I have decided not to speak ill of my Country Nigeria But to bless it.

I have decided to not look at the Government and whatever they do.
I have decided to create my economy by taking full responsibility for myself by deciding what I think,  believe,  how much I earn and when I want to earn.

I have decided not to be a problem creator but a "Solution Provider" thereby taking advantages of the opportunities that lies within these problems.  I inspire young people to be the change / difference they want to see in their world.

I will eat from this land.

I will succeed in this land.

I will impact this land positively .

My generation  and future generations will be blessed by this land.

God bless my Country Nigeria.

God bless the leaders of my country Nigeria.

God bless every citizen of Nigeria .

God bless friends of  Nigeria.

Happy Independence Day !

I am proudly Nigerian


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