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What Makes A Man Not Attractive: Ladies Give Facts (2018) - Research by Fadaka Louis

As a lady, What makes a Man instantly not attractive? 

This was the question sent to over 100 women by Fadaka Louis through WhatsApp and dear men, the response will shock you but if you read all their comment and take correction you will see immediate change. 

I myself is surprised 'cos there are very little things I ignore and fell it should hurt no one but alas! These ladies just pick on it as fault, reason "It pushes me away from him" says one of them.

I will start this by hitting straight into their comments without editing, and hope we all relate.

Response from 11 Ladies on What Makes A Man Instantly Not Attractive.

Temi Badmus; When he pick his nose. Yes now! For me... It makes a man unattractive... If I was admiring before and I noticed him doing that. Then I'm off.

Fasasi Olayinka (Aunty Yinmu): Character. Manner of approach

Yinka of Amacos: Character(arrogance,bad attitude, Ego) - Manner of approach( lack of respect for woman). Bad Breathe, Body odor, Dirtiness.

Peace Alozie Akunnaya (Goldie Pearl): His looks and dress sense at first meeting. Then if she endures that first turnoff or if he passes, the second is his approach and how he speaks. If he is boring, talks too much trivial things or tries talks stupid then it means red(NO). If he passes that stage then he should avoid embarrassing himself because embarrassment is a big turn off too. Most times it is his Personality that makes him attractive. Not even his money will give him that respect. Sometimes ladies keep rich boyfriend for pocket money and a poor dude with good personality for love. If a rich guy has all that and money too then it's a double Yes, lol.

Yvonne: Money and character

Ruth: His attitude

Chula: Been Stingy

Billionz: His look

Kabirat Sheleru: His body and if he talks too much. I hate a guy with sticky body

Nancy: His nonchalant attitude a.k.a I don't care attitude

Cynthia Ehiorobo: Manner of approach, Looks, Clothes, Hairdo. D way she speaks or presents himself e.t.c.... Like I said anything.

I had had to remove some because they were no way realistic, comment like "when he cannot cuddle", I stand to be corrected using the comment box below. Anyways, Money, Looks, Arrogance and Attentiveness, are what I will write on.

Money: this is the bed rock of every relationship, there is no reason being in a relationship if you don't have money or extra money to spare on a woman, just take care of your immediate family, its disrespectful. Though a good percentage of ladies are now smart on the idea that "country is hard", therefore sharing smartly of expenses and trying to solve it themselves why you keep trying your best but a good others will never agree to this, so find your lane.

Looks: Forget the fact that you work too much, day and night, Sir/Bros, go and cut your hair. Simple fact, when you woo her, were you looking rough? Didn't you try to package yourself? Good! This you must do for life, be conscious of it before you get angry that your woman is smiling at a man with nice haircut.

Arrogance: Women are naturally arrogant, you as a man being arrogant brings about ARROGANCE COMPETITION, so who does it better? One of you have to calm down. Or do your own when she is happy and let her do her own when she is angry. 

Attentiveness: Finally, this is like the key to all other things. Like a soldier, once you can see, you can solve. This also applies to Karate during Kumite, always open your eyes to see whats coming, In this case, open your eyes to see whats happening so you can ask the right question, say the right thing and take the right step.

This is where I stop typing, I am Uncle Fadaka.

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