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The month of May must have come and gone but remarkable, is the experiences gathered 'negative  or positive which both can be channeled into advantage and most of all, we should think more of bettering our society. Nigeria needs healing now than ever before and we must in all honesty work towards restoring our dear nation's battered image and unity.

A conglomerates of certain political class and platform are bent on taking down the nation by clamping down on opposition figures with discerning views and we must rise up in defense of our collective destiny as this is a sign of impending calamity about to befall our democracy and by extension too.

If we allow the fight against corruption to be narrowed down to opposition then we should equally be prepared to lose our hard earned democracy and if we lost democracy then we'll eventually lose the nation as well.

In this month of June and beyond, I urge Nigerians at all levels to be vigilant and do all that is doable to continually uphold the country as one and indivisible entity as well as encourage eligible voters who are yet to register to do so even as I assure us that the best choice for the top most political job of our country will definitely declare to run the presidency come 2019 hence his passion to see Nigeria out of it present predicaments of mis-governance.

Once again, I wish all of us a fruitful month of June and beyond.
Happy new month Nigeria.

Odama Groovydee Abednigo OGA,
National Convener MAKARFI

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