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10 Reasons why Dr. Prince Chinedu Emmanuel Emeka PHD. FNCS might not win coming Election.

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1. Stating that he is from Omambala simply implies that the red chamber is the sole property of the Omambala quarters of the Anambra north senatorial zone.

2. Are the other people vying for this same post lacking in the needed qualification?

3. True he has served in these positions, what were his achievements then. I can still remember that he was a deputy governor of the state at some point.

4. What laws were he able to sponsor and see to it that it was passed successfully during his time at any of the chambers?

8. When you keep hammering on Omambala this, and Omambala that, i am forced to check again if Anambra north senatorial zone is only made up off Omambala region alone. what happens to the Onitsha and Ogbaru?

9. This is just too petty. what we call hitting below the belt. it shows weakness and stark lack of information. i believe in the court of law, the understanding is that the defendant is innocent till proven otherwise. so this too, holds no water.

10. What has he done to challenge this situation as one who has previously himself in several leadership positions. and most importantly as an individual, to give us the assurance that he will do more when and if elected? to the best of my knowledge, nothing!!!

Points by an angry person +234 705 215 7931‬, responding to a promotional article.

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