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The bullet vs the ballot
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Sometimes ago during a leadership class at workman leadership college, saint Innocent of workman international gave a leadership tutorial on the conspiracy against the conspirators like this;

Seven mosquitoes had agreed to enter a store house were gold are kept having just one hunter in charge of the security of the place.

Three of the mosquitoes agreed to distract the hunter while the remaining four carry out their hatched job of stealing the gold.

The mosquitoes in Parliament thought within themselves, the hunter has only one gun, we will sting at his two ears and one eye ball.

They indeed carried out their hatched plan against the hunter who was perfectly distracted.

The other four mosquitoes broke into the store house to steal the treasures of gold.

As they penetrated the store house, they began to feel a suffocative pressure inwardly and life rapidly being sniffed out of them.

Sooner than later they were helpless and started gasping for breathe,

Their plan of stealing the treasures of gold suddenly changed to one of fighting for their lives and the freedom to get off their present state of stupor

The other three  mosquito friends had since detected an insecticide and run for their life without telling the other four mosquitoes.

The four mosquitoes ended up being killed in action by the hunter who eventually wakes up to his responsibility having overcome the antics of the other three mosquitoes and added more spray of insecticides to the store house

Don't risk your life planning evil in any elections, like the three mosquitoes who detected an insecticide  and run, those who plan evil with you will sneak away at a point of need and leave you at the risk of your own life in the hands of security agencies.

Be careful, the one police man you see, the one soldier you see, the one Navy officer you see and the one personnel of other security agencies you see are not alone in action, something else and someone else is walking with them at the other side not visible to you.

You cannot run faster than the bullet if you snatch the ballot box

Together let Save Nigeria,Save our lives and Save our elections

Workman Teachers

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