Fulani Youths Endorse Atiku For Presidency


National president of Fulani Jonde Jam Youth Association, Alhaji Sa’idu Mai-Kano has said the association have endorsed the presidential candidature of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Atiku Abubakar, for the 2023 presidential election.


Mai-Kano made the disclosure on Tuesday, at a gathering of the Fulani Youths and Fulani Ardos across Nigeria, held at Sharna Palace hotel in Jos.


He said “We sat and look at the forthcoming general election and we think on what will help our people, because in the previous elections, we only go with a single party but now we will only endorsed a candidate based on recommendation from our people in their various states.


“But I am calling on our people to vote a specific candidate as president, we will not talk about any governorship candidate, because they are job seekers.”


He said Atiku Abubakar is their favourite candidate, based on his (Atiku), qualities that no one amongst the Fulani will oppose him.


“Today we have endorsed Atiku Abubakar. All Fulani’s in Nigeria will give him our votes. We do not want to say 100 per cent, but we will give him at least 97 per cent of our votes,” he said.


Mai-kano alleged that Obasanjo dislikes Northern Nigeria, as he fought Atiku even when they were president and vice president.


“Obasanjo has continued to fight Atiku Abubakar, because he has stopped Obasanjo’s third term agenda,” he said

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