Abia man, Ugochukwu Joseph, kills Kogi wife, locked body in Abuja room

A Nigerian man from Umuahia North LGA, Ubakala, Abia state, Ugochukwu Joseph, reportedly killed his wife whilst locking up her body in a room in their Abuja appartment.


According to Observers Time, Ugochukwu was in relationship with Evelyn. But Evelyn owns the apartment they were staying.


At a time, the duo had travelled to the village (Kogi state) where Evelyn formally introduced him to her parents as her would be husband. Ugochukwu in turn came to ask for her hand in marriage with just a friend of his Okechukwu Egueji. But Evelyn’s family refused asking them to go back, then come with family members that Marriage can’t be done with just two persons.


According to the father of the deceased, the last time Evelyn and Ugochukwu had issues, he travelled to Abuja, it was the marriage issue – Evelyn asking Ugochukwu to go and perform their marital rites with his family.

A source from the compound where Evelyn lived in Abuja also said in confidence that, Evelyn has been Ugochukwu’s boxing tools. ‘He beats her to coma often. She has lost a 5 months pregnancy to his torture at a time last year.’

Members of Evelyn’s family also confided that Ugochukwu had threatened to kill Evelyn even before them severally.

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Abia man, Ugochukwu Joseph, kills Kogi wife, locked body in Abuja room

On that fateful Saturday night that Evelyn was killed, according to a neighbour (Evelyn’s co tenant), she returned from work around 6:30 pm and saw Evelyn sitting down. She inquired to know what was wrong. Evelyn confided that she and her husband had a fight. That she was just waiting for Ugochukwu to go out so she can park her things and go to her brother’s place. That she would have gone since but Ugochukwu would not let her take even her phone. That was the last conversation they had.


The next morning which was Sunday, the door was locked. Neither Ugochukwu nor Evelyn was seen until later in the afternoon when Ugochukwu appeared from no where (another neighbour spoke). He was asked of Evelyn’s whereabouts. His response was that Evelyn had ran away to her people and himself was leaving the house as well.


Moreover, the Landlord of the house had asked that Ugochukwu leave. Evelyn on the other hand had attempted to send Ugochukwu out of her apartment to no avail.

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It was in the night she resolve to leave the apartment for Ugochukwu that she was killed.

Meanwhile, nobody suspected anything after Ugochukwu told their neighbour that Evelyn had gone to her people. He later left with his baggage that afternoon (sunday).


On monday the following day, perhaps after Ugochukwu had gone to a safer place, that he called his father in law, (Evelyn’s father and her sister’s husband to come and carry their daughter’s corpse.


It was the father who called his nephew in Abuja before they got knowledge of what happened.

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On getting to Evelyn’s house, the door was locked and odour have started oozing from the room. They contacted Lugbe police station whose personnel came and broke the padlock. They left without Evelyn’s corpse on excuse that their van could not carry it. Environmental people also came but could not spend time because the body was already decaying. Efforts to get the police to move the corpse was in vain.

Abia man, Ugochukwu Joseph, kills Kogi wife, locked body in Abuja room
Abia man, Ugochukwu Joseph, kills Kogi wife, locked body in Abuja room

The family who came went to Lugbe station to make a formal complaint asking the police to do an autopsy of the body and get her killer nabbed. The police according to the cousin demanded for 300k in order to get that done.


There was nowhere to raise that money and the body was fast decaying. That was how Evelyn’s body was moved from Lugbe Abuja at about 3 am on Tuesday to Kogi state. Where she was buried at about 11 am in the morning.


Moreso, Ugochukwu Joseph is on the run.

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