About Nigerian Woman who forged her husband’s documents few years in marriage

About Nigerian Woman who forged her husband's documents few years in marriage

A Nigerian Woman seeking divorce after few years in marriage wants all her husband’s assets; but the man is now contemplating suing his now ex-wife for forgery.


According to a post made by a Twitter user named Oloye, the Nigerian woman may face serious consequences after her plan to take over her husband’s properties was thwarted.


The man in question had returned from the UK after obtaining a divorce and subsequently remarried a Nigerian woman.


After a few years in marriage, the woman lost interest in the relationship and filed for a divorce.


She then instituted an action in court, saying the House which they lived in, which truly is for the Man, with all appliances, exotic cars belongs to her. Before the Husband could know her intentions, the safe in their house where all Original Documents are being kept, the lady had gone to remove all the documents, forged them and saying that she owns all the properties.

She also went to the Land Registry for issuance of another copy of the House Documents in her name. Brought those evidences to court.


During the proceedings, she claimed ownership of her husband’s assets, which included luxury cars and a house.

It was revealed that she had accessed her husband’s safe and forged the original documents in her favour.


Fortunately, the man’s lawyer was able to present private copies of the original documents, which proved that the woman had forged the documents.


Consequently, the court rejected her claims, and the man was able to keep his properties.

The man is now contemplating suing his ex-wife for forgery.

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