And it Hurts, Emotions Aside – Chidiebere A. Okoroji

How do one spell perfect,
With all the trials, yet defeats,
From hearts I hold no feats,
To fear and gear, I grits my feet,
To tears and pains, I paints my sins,
“What should I expect?


Do I forget,
Erase you, like you didn’t exist,
Should I’ve conceded,
For lights and dark, that persist,
From weakness or strength I should resist,
To love, now hate, I can’t explain,
Let it be enough.


The torture,
Your perfume,
As it fades while it fumes,
While it flames,
When I’m lame,
When it’s not even a game,
When I’m not even the same,
This is totally insane.


I need you, and God knows,
I don’t mind walking on snow,
Don’t mind doing it right now,
To prove I’m wrong,
And henceforth,
Let it be kindness, before love or affair,
Or before all is fair,
Before the storms or air,
Before the sun or rain,
‘Cos I know, without you I’m doomed.

I went back,
From the past to the future,
So much I ventured,
Saw there’s none that marched your nature,
Your unexplainable composure,
It was like rapture,
As my days fades away without you,
And right now I can’t have you;
Cos you’re married,
I hold this heart;
Not with care,
Not for love,
Can’t say if it’s for hate,
Or for regrets,
I don’t know how I feel,
And it hurts, Emotions Aside.

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