Cracking the Glass Ceiling: The Story of Kwara Women or Political Jamboree?

It was another all-day dance of shame on Tuesday as the State Governor, Mallam Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq held his jamboree called ‘Cracking The Glass Ceiling: A Story of Kwara Women’.


Many of the governor’s apologists resorted to a series of diatribes and falsehoods which are meant to cover his tracks of lack of vision, incompetence, corruption-laden and non transparent 2 and half years of governance.


I have therefore found it pertinent to correct a few of falsehoods the programme portrayed in order to set the records straight and help members of the public have a better understanding of the stories in focus.

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The event has further exposed that the All Progressives Congress (APC) government of Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq lacked vision as the Governor and his team were still talking the way they talked while seeking for votes from Kwarans.

It was funny that the same set of people, who as successful women did little to add value to the growth and development of Kwara were the resource persons at the program, asking; “What Glass Ceiling have they cracked when their impacts are not felt back home? What motivational story can I hear from those who are privileged to succeed in their chosen carriers/businesses but did little or nothing to raise more Kwara women?


I watched the program from the beginning to the end and I can tell Nigerians categorically that it was just a jamboree. It was a waste of public fund because apart from very few invited “Kwara-born women who narrated how they made it through to the Pinnacle of their carriers, other discussants including the wife of the governor were talking about the governor’s achievements while technically campaigning for his second term.

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Instead of wasting several millions of taxpayers’ money on such a jamboree, it would have been better if the fund is given to those downtrodden Kwarans, who are trading with as little as N10,000. Or better still, channel the financial muscle to SUBEB or General Hospital where hue and cries have been coming on emoluments shortchangings.


“Even most attendees, including those of the AA faction who confided in us, were not happy with the ill-conceived program. Most of them said at this trying time of economic hardship the Governor should have wait and if need be, it should be all inclusive not sectional.”


The Governor has presented himself as a sectional leader who represents a few people. “As if they were still canvassing votes, they choose the program to tell the audience the little GAA claimed to have achieved and informing us why he deserves to return in 2023. The question is where are the other women who had not only cracked but broken the glass ceiling in Kwara’?

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“Where is Sen. Gbemisola Saraki, the first female House of Representatives member and first female Senator from the soil of Kwara and now a Minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria?. Where are Arc. Halimat Tayo and Hajia Aminat Ndalolo (former Ministers)? Where are the likes of Hon. Nimota Sulyman; Hon. Nimota Ibrahim; Hon. Segilola Abdulkadir; Hon. Ebun Owolabi; Hon. Banke Badmus; Hon. Sikirat Anako; Hon. Ramat Aremu Adifa; Hon. Felicia Ojeleye; Hon. Ramat Abaya Adeshina; Hon. Aishat Ibrahim; Hon. Ayinke Saka and many more?. Also, where is Hajia Sarat Adebayo Ibrahim, first female Chairman, Local Government Service Commission?


Where are the former female council chairpersons, elected and non elected, the likes of Hon. Mrs Nimota Alabi, Hon. Hajia Kudirat Lawal; Hajia Tawakalitu Abdulkadir; Hajia Aminat Omodara; Hajia Funmi Salau; Hajia Risikat Opakunle; Hajia Kehinde Baale and host of others, who cracked many glass ceilings to achieve so much in a society perceived to be men’s world. The program left us guessing on whether these eminent Kwarans were not on the list of women who had cracked the glass ceiling because they were products of a certain political dynasty. If the program was what it means to be, then the invitation was not only sectional but shabby in its entirety. Governor Abdulrahman should grown up and stop petty politics to suit his guts. Kwarans know better!

Cracking the Glass Ceiling: The Story of Kwara Women or Political Jamboree?
Cracking the Glass Ceiling: The Story of Kwara Women or Political Jamboree?

One should not be deceived on maybe the governor is a female gender friendly governor than what he met. Kwara, as a renowned islamically endowed state was among the few states in Nigeria, where the hope and aspirations of women have received attention right from the days of Late Dr Olusola Saraki. The man whose belief in women inclusion in politics and governance goes far beyond the female gender affirmative action of the United Nations. He was the one who set the pace in Northern Nigeria for allowing women to take lead in a men’s world. This was a foundation he solidly laid for his son which we could all see during Dr Bukola Saraki days as Governor. Many ‘female-first’ were taken at both executive and legislative arms of government, and also in the civil service. Women potentials were greatly harnessed and impressive result was achieved.


To me, the State Government appears not ready to face reality. The program sounds like another talk shop and a clear indication that APC and Governor AA did not have a direction yet, even when it took two years for them to be here. As citizens, we have right to caution our leader (custodian of our resources), to stop squandering our common wealth in a bid to remain in power beyond 2023.


Matthew Olasunkanmi, writes from Erin-Ile.

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