Deji Laurent got 200 loaves of Bread, guess what he did?

Deji Laurent got 200 loaves of bread from Alafia Foundations to his zone at Keffi, Ikoyi Obalende LCDA, to share as COVID-19 relief material and that was all.


Confused on how to share just bread to his people, Deji Laurent after hours of pondering decided to buy 22 creates of eggs to balance the diet. wala!

I had to rush down to receive 200 loafs of bread, given as support by Alafia Foundations to my Zone at Keffi in Ikoyi Obalende LCDA but, I couldn’t give the people just a loaf each for breakfast so I bought 22 crates of eggs to compliment it so, each person can get 3eggs and a loaf of bread.

Its been a happy time for the less privileges in Ikoyi Obalends as Mr Laurent keeps supporting and surprising them.

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“Even in Ikoyi the less privileged people are starving…. What are the Privileged ones doing as support to sustain the former through these lockdown ????, he asks.

Deji Laurent, a one time Chairmanship aspirant of Ikoyi Obalende LGA, under the ruling party APC is doing much for his people, what are the politicians around you doing?


Appreciations from Facebook

You are a role model and true mentor Honourable Deji, your kind gesture and generosity towards our community even at this moment of Covid19 pandemic will definitely earned you a place among the philanthropist in our Lagos State, you have safe lives and give humanities new life, remain blessed my Oga

–  Jeremiah Musa

Awesome! may God continued to bless you and increase you more blessing sir

–  Emem Udo Ukpong


U are indeed a blessing. ……. If we can have people like you as our leaders dix country go dey sweet

–  Meeky Mars

Allahmudulila today and everyday god bless you all Amin

–  Adisa Fasasi

This is very commendable, you have always been there for them so at this period, it makes no different, they are having your vibes. Most importantly, encourage social distance, it is very important sir. That’s my observation.

–  Hon Comrade Oguntola Oluwatoyin

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