Details of Lagos 2, 000 Man Meeting on Peter Obi emerges

The two thousand people that was trained by one of the political parties in hotels in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt last month has started the dirty jobs they were employed to do by the desperate politician.


This particular political party that has been notorious for lying and deception in Nigeria has engaged them for propaganda and blackmail job towards the next election. This party Nigerians have come to identify with lies and unfulfilled promises is particularly afraid of Peter Obi, Datti Yusuf and Labour Party, because Nigerian youths have chosen them as their candidates and platform to pursue their aspiration of taking their country back and retiring old corrupt politicians who have destroyed their nation.


The document obtained from their secret meeting in Lagos shows how they intend to stop Peter Obi and Labour Party through various platforms and supporters of their principal in order to rival him on social media. It was discovered that their fear is born out of Peter Obi’s achievements and good reputation.


So they agreed that their focus must be to continue to attack his reputation by saying consistently that everything he says is a lie. The lead actor who tutored that in his statement said to the hired and trained blackmailers that when they tell lies against Peter Obi consistently for long, Nigerians will begin to believe them.


They have decided to continue to push lies against him, distort his statements, deliberately misquote him, plant false stories that looks like they are from him and his supporters and then chase rebuttals.


They have registered fake social media accounts that they use in attacking people while claiming to be supporters of Peter Obi and Labour Party. What they do is to use such fake social media accounts to provoke ignorant influencers and important people to in return attack Peter Obi and Labour Party, or the Obidient movement.

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These influencers fall for it without asking themselves if the authors are official spokespersons for Peter Obi and Labour Party. Some times Peter Obi has been forced to rebuke his supporters not knowing it was the evil party that is planting those attacks.


Some of the influencers are also paid to play the dirty game, because they have to have an excuse to attack Peter Obi and Labour Party on behalf of the satanic party.


Sometimes they even pay some cheap media platforms to amplify these lies by bringing response from these paid influencers on the so called online attacks or bulling by Peter Obi supporters to be discussed on mainstream media in order to give it life.

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Yet, at no point have Peter Obi complained about what ordinary supporters of the lying party write about him everyday, trying so hard to malign him. He has once or twice responded to official releases or statements from his opponents.


We want Nigerians to be on the lookout for those who distort and misquotes statements made by Peter Obi. They are part of the evil agents. Look out for those who go around saying anything Peter Obi says is a lie. They are part of the paid evil agents of the lying party. Watch out for those who plant tribal and ethnic stories against Peter Obi. They are part of the evil agents working for those who have nothing to offer but are trying to make the election about ethnicity. Watch out for some bought over influencers or Public faces who come around to say Peter Obi supporters have attacked them when they can’t even point to the fact that the authors of the so called attack are by any means close to Peter Obi or officials of his.


There is no reason for anybody to attack anybody. Nigerians generally online gesture each other on any issues, even beyond politics. But the evil party is now planting people who attack people online claiming they are supporters of Peter so that they can use the excuse to achieve their goal.


We have not mentioned any political party name here but the secret meeting and evil plan was by those supporting someone that has lied all through the years about his true identity, origin, age, schools attended and others. They have lived a lie all their live. One of them in the secret memo said “all is fair in war” and that they should use any means whatsoever to get power.


Their desperation is dangerous for Nigeria.


Hamza Sani

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