Diary of an Ashawo Man 3 – Police

Diary Of An Ashawo Man

My People, how una dey, I know as country be and I know say body dey pepper everybody because of this lack of money matter, but una suppose know say for thing to good it must first scatter well well.

So make we just dey cool our temper, but if we must vex, make we use anger go vote comot this party wey put us for this condition, time Don reach for us to try something new.

As this election matter dey for everywhere now, e come dey remind me of when I dey Abuja that Year, I been dey do Corper work and election come dey that year, na for Gwagwalada dey election dey, me dey stay for Karu but as a sharp guy, I use my connect as I get guys for Gwags, na so I land the job. Na me come dey operate the machine wey dey validate people PVC – we go training, learn one or two and we grab the whole thing as the thing no hard to operate.


For training ground e get one sharp UniAbuja babe wey I jam, omo I do everything possible make this girl look my side, with Gwags hot sun wey fit roast corn, the babe no look me, na so I reason quick, comot go buy coke wey block come, carry one go give am, omo dem no born am well to reject cold drink under Gwags sun, na so me and am begin talk o.

She told me her name was Julie and she dey 200 level, I come tell her say I be Corper. I tell am say I Don finish training since na because of her I just dey there o, she say the sun much, make she kuku give me her number make I fit dey go, or if I go like wait till she do her own training, omo I tell her make she give me number make I dey go.

“Babe you hot, but Gwagwalada Sun hot pass you”, na so she burst out laugh. I collect number, we begin chat and dey talk on phone, we no really reconnect again after that day.


So election Don reach and as we both dey duty me and her begin talk again, na so we begin make plans to hook up after the election, I tell her say she fit find me come my side or we fit dey my guy side for Gwags there, she still dey play hard to get base on say na UniAbuja chick.


Dem post us for different polling units Sha, so as I go my side with my team members, dem assign us Soldiers and police people for our protection because no be we love Nigeria pass.

One of the police people wey dem send to protect us na Lady, I jokingly tell the lady say na only me she go protect, make the soldiers protect other people. She smile.

Election come start, I go validate people PVC and later dem go come vote. Thumb print, things dey go smoothly me and the police lady dey Gist, I dey ask her name and things about her, our talk come dey flow, she tell me say her name na Daniella, and I begin Gist her about the UniAbuja babe wey I jam during our training, and how the girl still never gree for me, She tell me say the babe no really like me because if say she like me, she no for dey stress me, as she talk am, I feel that talk, and I come say Make I whyne her small, I ask her so if you like me like this, you no go mind follow me go house after this election, she say, she no go mind, so far she like me, I happy small.


Na so we continue with election, towards evening when everybody wey suppose vote Don vote, we begin collate and calculate result, as we count finish, come send result back via the machine, na so small crowd wey dey outside behind riot o, dem no like the outcome, na so soldiers wey dey with us open fire for Air, dem disperse, na so dem tell us make we gather our things and head back to inec office.


Daniella tell me make I join her for her car, say dem no go need all of us for inec office, make she go drop me for house. I no even Wan make she repeat am again, na so I hold her hand, she carry me reach her car, we enter she no ask me where I dey stay, she just drive dey go, the area for Gwags wey she enter I never go that side before and night Don dey come, so I no really know where I dey, as we just dey enter her house, she first grab me, kiss me like say….e shock me o.

As she kiss me finish, she say make me bath first before we continue, omo me still never believe say na police woman I Wan nack like this, I just allow her she comot her uniform finish, me sef come comot my Corper cloth, as she wan enter bathroom, I pin her for Wall first, as I push her against the wall, make e be like say I Wan arrest am, I begin kiss her neck from back, I come use my left leg part her two legs, Daniella just dey follow my instructions and we no dey talk, as I dey kiss her neck and back, na so my Odogwu stand, na so I grab am, begin use am slap her toto from under.


I dey use am like banton, slap am, as I dey slap am, the toto dey warm and wet dey go, I dey enjoy as my prick dey feel on top her toto, Daniella sef dey feel am.

As She no fit take the teasing again, na so she use harsh voice tell me, corper, put that prick inside and fuck me. Na so I obey instruction o, omo Daniella Toto warm die, as I begin thrust inside her I no say I no go waste time till I pour, omo e be like say she notice say I Wan cum, she tell me make I no pour inside her, say she dey ovulate, e no tey wey she talk am, na so I grab her yansh begin pump her, I Happy say na she comot her body, because with the warmness and sweetness of the toto I nearly pour my life inside her toto.


Na so we enter bathroom go wash up and bath. I clean body rush go on top bed dey wait her, she take her time, come finally Show with her handcuffs, I know wetin she dey think, na so I tell am, Officer Daniella, I have been a bad boy, please arrest me, jail me trowey key, na so she carry my hands cuff am for her bed post, I been think say Daniella Toto warm, but her mouth na die, she just grab my prick dey suck am like say she wan suck juice comot for there, and as my hand dey cuffed I no fit hold her head or use am tell am make she slow down, I no say we dey always talk say something dey blow our mind, I finally Don dey witness wetin mind blowing be.


I begin beg officer Daniella to take am easy with me, she no gree slow down o, na so I close eyes, say make I ready for anything, because I fit faint from here dey go, na so she stop all of a sudden, before I go open eyes to confirm, na so she climb me begin ride me with full force, omo I say today na today, I no know say police women dey go hard like this, na so Daniella dey ride me dey go, she dey rough, but the thing still dey sweet, as she just dey bounce ontop my dick, body begin sweet me again, I begin try get her attention make she fit stand up make I no go pour inside her, I begin call her Daniella, she no gree hear, I begin shout,

“Officer stop o, I Don dey cum”, she sef talk, “Corper no stop, me sef dey cum”.


As my hands dey cuffed – my hands are actually tied and there is nothing I can do, na so I increase my thrust to meet her riding, she begin tell me, “corper harder”. I increased my tempo, I know it is just a matter of seconds, I go pour full her body, she try to get up, but her body begin jerk, I know say e Don late, as her body dey convulse, na so her toto dey tight my prick, na so I begin pour hot cum inside her, two of us know say no be wetin we plan but as I dey pour inside her she dey orgasm dey make me pour more.

Daniella na strong woman Sha, she finally gather energy stand up from my prick , if not na so I for dey pour dey go till I begin pour dust. Na so she finally uncuff me, we enter bathroom bath together, as we enter bed back, sleep carry us go, na later we come hear say dem cancel the election wey we do say dem go redo am, we no know say the matter later escalate.


We still do quickie for morning before I begin go my guy house for Gwags. Na so I take mark my to-do list of nacking a police woman o. No worry I go Gist una as I take nack Soldier for Camp for Abuja soon.


Make una no forget to go vote o, una fit go jam better person for una polling unit.



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