Ethiopia was the first established country on the earth

Ethiopia was the first established country on the earth, and the Ethiopians were the first who introduced the Gods and established laws.” — Stephanus of Byzantium


Diodorus, 1st Century BCE

“These Anu [Ethiopians] were agricultural people, raising cattle on a large scale along the Nile, shutting themselves up in walled cities for defensive purposes. To this people we can attribute without fear of error, the most ancient Egyptian books, The Book of The Dead and the Text of the Pyramids, consequently all the myths of religious teachings. I would add almost all the philospohical systems then known and still called Egyptian. They evidently knew the crafts necessary for any civilization and were familiar with the tools those trades required.

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Ethiopia was the first established country on the earth
Ethiopia was the first established country on the earth

They knew how to use metals . . . They made the earliest attempts at writing, for the whole Egyptian tradition attributes this art to Thoth, the great Hermes, an Anu like Osiris, who is called Onian in chapter fifteen of The Book of the Dead and in the Texts of the Pyramids. Certainly the people already knew the principal arts; it left proof of this in the architecture of the tombs at Abydos, especially the tomb of Osiris, and in those sepulchres objects have been found bearing the unmistakeable stamp of their origin – such as carved ivory . . . . All those cities [Ant, Annu Menti, Aunti, Aunyt-Seni today called Esneh, Erment, Quoch, and Heliopolis] have the characteristic symbol which serves to denote the name Anu”

The leaders and staff of the Ancient Egyptian Mystery School of the ANU from TA-NETJER (“God’s Land”) were by definition priests who had attained spiritual deification and become human gods’ called in the ancient documents of Egypt/Kemit as the aakhu-hammet or Sun People’. By 4241 BCE they had worked out the Sidereal Calendar and by 4100 BCE they were using the PER-UM-HERU (“Book of Coming Forth by Day”). The School of Anu trained amongst others Vizar Imhotep (2650 BCE), Pharaoh Amenemhet III (“Memnon” 1843 to 1797 BCE), Pharoah-Queen Hatshepsut (1484-1462 BCE), Pharaoh Thuthmoses III and IV, and his Prime Minister YU-SEFI or YU-SEP (Joseph of the Bible, 1500-1429 BCE).


At the Temple of WA-SET built by Amenhotep III (1391 BCE), students Pharaoh Akhenaton and Queen Nefertiti (1350-1340 BCE), Thales (600 BCE), Plato (400 BCE, studied 11 years), Socrates (15 years), Aristotle (11-13 years) Euclid (20 years), studied along with Pythagoras, Solon, Archemides, Euripides, Herodotus and
80,000 other students

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