There is a growing trend of insecurity all over, but the most worrisome is the situation of the girl child. This is because the girl child is the most vulnerable of the human species. It is therefore very important that we do all we can, to protect her.

Every little girl you see out there is a prospective wife, and a future mother. So, inside that little body resides the future of humanity. Let us make the world safer for her, it is also for us all.


When you look at a little girl, what you see is the purity and beauty of innocence, but criminals see sex appeal. That is very strange, but that is why they are criminals.


Let’s take note of the following safety precautions for the girl, against sexual abuse, the most worrisome aspect of the insecurity.

1. Do not let your girl child get too familiar with male neighbours, workers or lesson teachers.

2. Discourage her visit to male apartments alone. This includes running errands that entail entering their room.


3. Also, be careful how you release your girl to go and visit her ‘friends’ and ‘classmates’.
Criminals know how to set traps.


4. Let her not be fond of receiving, or requesting for gifts from people especially males.

It is by this that a trap is arranged.


5. As much as possible, avoid leaving your girl child alone at home.

6. Regularly chat with your girl child. This is when you tell her not to allow and ask her of any touching of her private part by any male.

Both are of paramount importance.


7. Notice the change of mood of your girl, or the way she walks. Has she been withdrawing? Is she afraid?
Rapists threaten children, should they tell anybody what happened to them.


8. Tell your children there is no room for secrets with Dad, Mum, or siblings.

Evil grows in secrecy.


9. On a regular basis, examine your girl’s private part to see any possible tampering.
Also check her pant to see any blood stains.


10. In place of pants, a pair of shorts is safer for her. Or better still, a pair of shorts over her pant is ideal.

11. In the midst of male relatives, especially half brothers, let her always go to bed in shorts as part her night dress.

Is it not strange that some rapists are blood relatives?


12. Try and change your style of purchases. Be sensible in where you send your daughters.

Why will you send your little girl out of the house late in the evening in search of an item, all alone?


13. Be on the lookout for your girls in gatherings – parties, church, mosque, extended family dos. Girls have been abducted, kidnapped, raped and molested through such places.

Anyone should never be allowed to take your child out of the place or engage her in any form of discussions you are not aware of. Children are made to trust them thereby and made to follow them away or follow their instructions thereby at least.

14. When you hear an unusual cry or shout of a girl, please be alerted and make efforts to see what the matter is. You could be a girl’s last hope for rescue.


15. Every girl raped could be a reduced chances of her reproduction; and that is a generation closed down.


16. Please, properly examine that house-girl/nanny you want to hire, to ensure she is really a girl. Some males who resemble females take advantage of that, disguise as girls and get hired as house helps.
The safety of your daughters in the hand of this ‘girl’ is left to your imagination.

17. Very importantly, parents should desist from introducing the girl child to wild, provocative dressing. Mothers are fond of dressing up their little girls in skimpy, scanty attire: shorts, hot pants, show back, see-through, mini, etc.

The usually justification is “but they are little children”.

We forget that childhood is the time to lay the foundation of whatever a child will be, at adulthood.

Yes, we may love these little angels looking cuddly in such outfits, but the danger is that they are being watched by criminals whose sexual attraction is towards little children;

Besides, they are being predisposed for eyebrow-raising dressing, because they will grow with it.

Whatever will be your child’s dress code when she grows up, you’re laying the foundation right now.

Please lay the foundation of a decent, responsible dressing.



1. Avoid being alone in lonely place.


2. Avoiding visiting males alone.


3. Do not take a drink that is opened and served in your absence. A drug can be dropped into your drink.


4. Do not accept an invitation to a strange place; a trap could be waiting for you.


5. If a friend calls to invite you to any place which two of you did not discuss, politely decline. Many girls have been invited to places even by ‘friends’ where they were raped, and even murdered. Be wise.

6. Let shorts be part of your dressing. Preferably jeans. Trousers are no more for fashion alone; they’re now security outfits.


7. He pretends to love you. Then promises to marry you; and immediately you pack into his house. Is that not a suicide? You simply give yourself away to evil.


8. Pick some lessons in self defence. When it matters most, your shout for help may not do much; but you can ward off attackers, physically.


9. Avoid drawing attention unnecessarily; and flamboyant dressing does that for you.


10. Before you board a cab, observe the occupants. If they’re all males, gently decline.

Above all, safety belongs to God.*

Take time to be praying specially for our children, for divine security.


Young lady, your divine security begins with a personal relationship with Christ.


May the Lord protect us from evil men, women and their traps.



Sharing this will certainly help millions. The girl child you will save by sharing it could be your own.

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