“Hope Uzodinma wants to be the Sariki of Imo state” – Nnamdi Kanu

Leader of the Independent People of Biafra (IPOB) Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has called out Governor Hope Uzodinma once more for a recent ‘autocratic bye-law’ created in Imo State.

Speaking further in his weekly broadcast on Radio Biafra, the supreme leader says “Hope Uzodima wants to be the Sariki of Imo state.”

The new law in Imo state set-up by Uzodinma’s led government gives the ‘Governor’ absolute power to detain anyone he likes at pleasure. The Imo State Administration of Criminal Justice Law, 2020 empowers the state governor to detain anyone at his pleasure without the need for a court warrant.

Sections 484 and 485 of the law provide that the governor may effect such detention notwithstanding the provisions of any other law.

Section 484 of the law reads: “Where any person is ordered to be detained during the Governor’s pleasure he shall notwithstanding anything in this Law or in any other written law contained be liable to be detained in such place and under such conditions as the Governor may direct and whilst so detained shall be deemed to be in legal custody.”

Section 485 provides that such person “detained during the Governor’s pleasure may at any time be discharged by the Governor on license” and that “a license under subsection (1) of this section may be in such form and may contain such conditions as the Governor may direct”.

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The section further states that such license “may at anytime be revoked or varied by the Governor”, adding: “Where license has been revoked the person to whom the license relates shall proceed to such place as the Governor may direct and if he fails to do so, may be arrested without warrant and taken to such place.”

This provision is seen to be against the provisions of sections 34 and 35 of the 1999 constitution, which guarantee the fundamental rights to freedom of liberty and human dignity.

Hope Uzodima wants to be the Sariki of Imo state - Nnamdi Kanu
Hope Uzodinma wants to be the Sariki of Imo state – Nnamdi Kanu

Nnamdi Kanu has said this so called law is definitely targeted at IPOB members in the state.

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“Hope Uzodima wants to be the Sariki of imo state, that he can detain IPOB members without trial as long as he wants.

“The idiots that passed this law in the house in Imo state claims that they are intellectual.

“Do you see why I hate university education in the ZOO?

“Section 9 of the ZOO constitution made it clear that every treaty entered into by the ZOO becomes the law of that land.”

Kanu further compares Gov. Hope Uzodinma with Queen of England based on election and position.

“What am saying to the world is that Hope Uzodima is in the same position as the Queen of England, because nobody voted for the queen, same as him.”

“This Fulani APC government are nothing by a draconian posses as a democracy.

“Infact I am going to write to the U.S government to add the names of judges that installed Hope Uzodima as a supreme court Governor and ban them from traveling to the U.S.

“The supreme court is part of the rigging method of the ruling party.”

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