Corruption starts because of fear. What am I going to feed my family with? How am I going to pay the school fees? Then after the first major benefits of corruption is achieved it becomes a way of life. This way of life is then thought to others in the society.


The problem remains that most Africans struggle to create wealth because they don’t understand basic principle of money and how the financial world works. This is one of the reasons Africans are poor.
What You See Is Not What Is There. (WYSINWIT). Remember that. People don’t understand how $25,000 can turn into $2.1 million in 20 years. If they did, they would probably choose that model to protect their financial future. The other reasons our people remain poor are:
1. They carry too many problems on their head from family. Distance relatives. They call it culture. The Africa culture create poverty faster than people can get out of it. Every individual is created with the power to struggle and succeed. They just have to use that power. There is no Jesus for every family. If you are the Jesus or Joseph in your family, it is probably the time to stop because you are sowing poverty for yourself and the rest of the family.

2. What Africans call investments is wastage of money. The Dutch people calls it “Kapitaal Vernietiging” which means capital destruction.  Buying expensive cars when you cannot really afford it or can do with just a simple ride. Expensive wrist watches just to tell time, expensive parties etc.  Some poor Africans spend over $25000 yearly on luxury items . That is $2.1 million compounded in 20 years that is wasted today.
Some people I know are actually able to do this for 10 years straight…Which means they can actually have an income of over $2.2 million per year for 10 years over 20 years times and be one of the elite rich. That without corruption.
3. African man wants to waste money at home but he calls it investment. Just drive around the streets of any GRA in Nigeria to see very large houses dilapidating without maintenance because those that built them cannot maintain them anymore. This is capital destruction. But it is culture.
Europeans and Asians for example invest all over the world. They take the wealth from the investment to build their homes but don’t eat or destroy the capital. Capital is called Seed Money. We go overseas and slave for them then bring the seed money we got back home and destroy the capital and go back to slave again.

4. Wealth is accumulated. The white people became this rich because most of the wealth were accumulated over hundreds of years. Many of the wealth as you know came from Africa, but they kept them and preserved them. You can still find the first mercedes Benz car that was build. If it was in Africa, you cannot find it back. So wealth has to be created and passed from one generation to the other.


5. Black people all over the world are consumers. We don’t produce much, not even food and we are not ashamed of it. In fact, we are proud of it. The consumer is always the slave of the producer. It is the producer that makes the money and determine what a consumer must eat, wear, drive and how to live. A group of people who are consumers can never be rich and we remain technically slaves. today only Black people in the world fit this model.
You can change this narrative.
The Youth Vision
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