How to Quickly end your Relationship – Yvonne Nelson

Yvonne Nelson has explained the quickest way to end a fine relationship.


The Ghanaian screen diva advised her fans against flaunting their relationships on social media.


Giving her opinion via her verified Twitter account, she noted that once a person starts to show off their relationship on social media, people begin to meddle in their private lives.

The mother-of-one opined that flaunting one’s relationship will reduce its lifespan because people who are not supposed to know about it or get involved will be alerted and drawn towards it.

How to Quickly end your Relationship - Yvonne Nelson

Yvonne Nelson noted that side chicks and gossip mongers will also play their part in making sure the relationship doesn’t last long.


The beautiful role interpreter, however, said a relationship that is destined to collapse will definitely crash.


In her words; “My observation… a relationship will end if it has to but flaunting it on social media just speeds up the process.”

She added; “all the side chicks will come flying around and the gossip association will hold their weekly meeting for your sake. Happy weekend guys.”


Recall, Yvonne Nelson was a few years ago involved in a publicised relationship with Nigerian singer Iyanya, but the romance later crashed.


Asides from being an actress, Yvonne Nelson is also a model, film producer and entrepreneur.


A former Miss Ghana contestant, she accidentally began her career when she went to her favourite place to watch an audition and the producer urged her to perform but she refused.

How to Quickly end your Relationship - Yvonne Nelson

The producer later got her number, called several times before she agreed and feature in her first movie role in Princess Tyra in 2007. She later delved into movie production in 2011. Her first production was the movie The Price, which was released that same year.


On October 29, 2017, Nelson gave birth to her daughter Ryn Roberts with her ex-boyfriend, Jamie Roberts. The actress remained silent about the rumours of her pregnancy until she announced the birth of her daughter through a WOW Magazine Cover.

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