How to Unlock the Wild Side of a Woman

How to Unlock the Wild Side of a Woman

Every woman has a wild side, a secret desire that rarely sees the light of day.

A man who can unlock these fantasies becomes unforgettable.


Being a Wild Woman is feeling free to express yourself, to have fun. It means being true to yourself. There is also an element of nature and wildness, like being moved by the earth’s rhythms.


Let’s explore 5 things she secretly craves in bed;

1.) Slapping.

Not to be confused with violence, a firm, controlled slap demonstrates dominance.

It’s a raw, primal display of power that many women find irresistibly exciting.


2.) Choking.

Done safely and consensually, this can be incredibly thrilling. The excitement lies in trust and surrender.

She’s placing her life in your hands, literally.

But, safety first, guys.


3.) Spanking.

There’s something playfully naughty about spanking. It’s a mix of pain and pleasure, dominance and submission.

Plus, it stimulates blood flow in erogenous areas.


4.) Dirty Talk.

Your voice can be your most powerful tool. Whisper her wildest fantasies into her ear. Express your desire in explicit detail.

Dirty talk turns the mind on, and the body follows.


5.) Role Play.

This is all about escapism and exploration. You get to become someone else for a night, indulge in different scenarios.

From strangers in a bar to boss and secretary, let your imaginations run wild.

How to Unlock the Wild Side of a Woman
How to Unlock the Wild Side of a Woman

Take advantage of this rules of seduction, and that your ”baby” may just keep coming for milk. Don’t forget to be very patient.


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