Igbo Politicians Are Responsible For Poor Infrastructure in Igboland

Igbo Politicians Are Responsible For Poor Infrastructure in Igboland

Igbo Politicians Are Responsible For Poor Infrastructure in Igboland: Most Igbos blame the North and Abuja for the poor infrastructure in the region but I hold a different opinion because of the following reason –


1. LGA CHAIRMEN: Let me start from my LGA, Ikeduru LGA receives 85 million Naira monthly allocation from Abuja yet they can’t construct just one internal road since the last 10 years. The LGA chairman pockets the whole money with the governors. Yet we blame Abuja?


2. FEDERAL HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY MEMBERS: I didn’t know they recieve so much money from Abuja. From my findings MBAIKE FEDERAL CONSTITUENCY receives 100 Million Naira monthly and 450 million Naira every quarter from Abuja for Constituency Projects but I am yet to see what they are doing with such outrageous amount of money. This is more than enough to upgrade and modernize our schools and even build standard hospital in the LGA’s but these guys will loot everything and blame Abuja. Their highest and biggest empowerment is few keke tricycles, motorbikes, wheelbarrow and shovels for their lapdogs and online warriors. That is why when you criticize them these urchins will attack you from all angles. GUYS, WHO IS REPRESENTING YOU IN ABUJA? PLS SHARE HIS PROJECTS LETS SEE.


3. SENATORS: I have toured round but I cannot find their projects anywhere yet they recieve massive allocations running into Billions. How do these people even sleep at night?


4. HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY MEMBERS: I used to think that they are all the same till uche Ogbuagu emerged. Presently he is one of the shining lights in Ikeduru. Just under one year he managed to construct 4 internal roads in his constituency, 4 modern markets,.mmiri onoma bridge is under construction. From my findings house members in Imo state receive 3 million Naira monthly salary, they have not been given any allocations for Constituency projects just yet. Which means he did all these with his pocket money? I hope he doesnt change like the others. We are watching him closely. I’m not saying he is perfect, I’ve just listed some of his achievements bc no other house of assembly member in the constituency has done any of these. Someone should prove me wrong with FACTS.

Igbo Politicians Are Responsible For Poor Infrastructure in Igboland
Igbo Politicians Are Responsible For Poor Infrastructure in Igboland

In my own humble opinion, Governors, senators, local government chairmen and federal house of representatives have the potential to turn our region into a mini Dubai but no, they will steal all the money and blame Abuja.
For me our problem is not Abuja, our problem is the crooks and IDIOTS that are representing us.


And please we need to stop disturbing God because God cannot build our roads or change our government. The power is in our hands to remove these greedy bastards through elections or peaceful protests cum demonstrations.


You cannot find any road Rochas constructed in Imo State that lasted up to 3 years. If in doubt show me just one example.


Abia state is even the worst, they have never been lucky with good leadership. With all the huge allocations from Abuja plus all the big industries and factories in Aba yet the useless governors cannot develop the place. Aba is a huge slum, it’s an embarrassment to the Igbo nation. The money they generate from Ariaria market alone is enough to turn things around.


If the citizens of the state should occupy the government house for just 4 days the state governor will be forced to fix all the roads in Aba. But we can’t do this, rather we gather in churches and be praying for God to change our leaders. God does not change bad leaders, it is you the citizens that will take action.


Go to the north and see the kind of standard roads there but here what we have is China roads that doesnt last up to 7 months.


But it’s not all about money, let me explain. Ebonyi state receives the lowest allocation in Nigeria yet the governor Dave Umahi has been able to develop the state with world class infrastructures all over the place. As a blogger I have been there several times to see things for myself.


Ebonyi used to be the poorest and least developed state in Nigeria but right now they are the fastest developing state in Nigeria all thanks to Dave Umahi. Maybe Abia state needs to borrow or loan Dave Umahi for just 1 year and see what true leadership is all about.


I am aware that the North gets most of the juicy appointments, allocations, mega projects etc but what about the little allocations that is given to us, what are we doing with it.


If Dave Umahi can turn his poor state around with little allocations then it means we are our own worst enemy. Na we dey do ourselves.

Igbo Politicians Are Responsible For Poor Infrastructure in Igboland
Igbo Politicians Are Responsible For Poor Infrastructure in Igboland

Let’s Look at the rot in NDDC, see how they are raping us openly…


#Breakdown of N81.5Billion Spent By Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) Between January And May 2020:

1. Spent N81.5 billion as sundry expenses, including graduation ceremonies in the United Kingdom during lockdown?
2. Spent N3.14 billion for COVID-19 palliatives for staff.
3. Spent N1.3 billion on community relations
4. Spent N85.6million for travels during lockdown between February and May 2020
5. Spent N122.9 million on condolences between February – May 2020.
6. Spent N23.8million on consultancy.
7. Spent N2.6 billion on medicals,
8. Spent N790.9 million as imprest
9. Spent N1.9 billion on Lasser fever
10. Spent N706 million on legal services
11. Spent N1.121billion on public communication

In all these expenditures nothing was “spent” on Projects in the Niger Delta for the good of the common man for whose purpose the Commission was set up.


Even the Devil will tremble. Indeed there was a Country. And someone will coman tell me that the North is our problem?


Accoding to available records from the Ministry of Finance, this is Budgetary Allocation to NDDC, N’bn

2004: 14.00
2005: 28.80
2006: 26.13
2007: 24.00
2008: 40.57
2009: 27.13
2010: 46.49
2011: 55.08
2012: 48.67
2013: 61.35
2014: 61.94
2015: 46.72
2016: 41.05
2017: 64.02
2018: 81.88
2019: 100.19
2020: 80.88

TOTAL: 769 BILLION NAIRA uptill 2019


According to Office of the Accountant General of the Federation, this is our 13% Derivation Fund since 1999 (N’bn)

1999: 2.4
2000: 61.3
01: 91.2
02: 92.1
03: 138.3
04: 262.5
05: 347.7
06: 424.4
07: 437.4
08: 637.8
09: 455.3
10: 548.5
11: 765.3
12: 774.3
13: 844.3
14: 694.2
15: 410.3
16: 294.7
17: 417.1
2018: 640.1
2019: 320.4



Where are the Niger Delta youths and elders? Why can’t we protests or take over the streets till these crooks are brought to book?


Hushpuppi is still a a learner, infact he is still a puppy. The difference between Hushpuppi and greedy Nigerian politicians is that Hushpuppi scammed whites while your greedy, heartless and visionless politicians scam Nigerians. The damages of their crime will be felt by generations yet unborn.

Igbo Politicians Are Responsible For Poor Infrastructure in Igboland
Igbo Politicians Are Responsible For Poor Infrastructure in Igboland

In all of these, the poor masses whose commonwealth is being looted are quiet. Infact the poor masses are even more confused coz they praise and hail the corrupt politicians that are stealing billions of dollars and kill hungry people that stole tubber of yam to feed their hungry children. SHAME


To successfully fight corruption you have to start from the top. Singapore today is like heaven, the cleanest and most beautiful country in the world with almost zero corruption. How did they do it? Because they fought corruption from the top.


Prostitution, armed robbery, yahoo yahoo, kidnapping etc are on the increase because of mass poverty caused by the people at the top. And until we start stoning these corrupt politicians nothing will change.


A lost nation is one which hungry and jobless people blindly support those responsible for their agony and misery.




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