Is love the essence of every relationship?

The Foundation for building solid Marriage

Love is the foundation of every relationship. Love gives rise to kindness, sympathy, forgiveness and care, and when all these emotions are present, our relationship becomes stronger.

Many times people are in a relationship, but there is a lack of love and care. Relationships without love do not last long and end with even the slightest disagreement.

Build every relationship on love; people will feel strong and supported. When there is strength in the relationship, they give their best in it.


Protect your mate and your relationship at all costs. We should be very careful in discussing each other’s failures or shortcomings in front of others.

We should always cover one another. Be careful of what you say around the opposite sex. Don’t go to work and begin to discuss your relationship with your friends of the opposite sex at lunch, or in areas where you are alone.

This lays the foundation for adulterous activity. This is also how soul ties are formed.


If you are more comfortable talking to anyone else other than your mate about relational issues, then problems may be brewing.

As a man, we even have to watch what we say around our boys. You may never know if one of them is secretly desiring your lady. One conversation about how dissatisfied you are can give them the ammunition they need to uproot you, and then plant themselves into the situation.


Women, be wary of your friends that are always giving you compliments about how good you have it, and how they wish they had a man like yours. Believe me….they mean that….even if it is yours. Don’t let anyone violate you, your mate, or your relationship.



Many relationships and marriages end too soon, due to the couple’s behaviour, actions, attitudes, etc. They stop sowing into the relationship and expect to harvest. They don’t put into the relationship the same amount of effort, energy, passion, resources, interest, time to keep it as they did to earn the relationship.

They end up blaming it on the words ‘love’ and ‘compatibility’. Love does not start on its own. The way it starts is the same way it is killed, by the actions of the couple but this time using unkind words, neglecting each other, turning their back on themselves.


By empty assurances and pledges, being selfish and self-centered. By becoming impatient, proud and arrogant. Lacking empathy, not listening to each other’s needs but being critical and criticizing each other, is how they kill the love they share. They kill love in their relationship by not being truthful and honest but rather seeking pleasure in the flowering of lies. The love did not finish or varnish, they emptied it or drove it away.

No human being is perfect or without faults so I wonder why people think there is someone out there they can co-exist with without conflict in the name of a relationship and call it compatibility. No matter who you end up with, there will be conflict which should tell you there is no one created to fit you or complete you.


Conflicts and misunderstandings are part of a relationship or marriage. Therefore never leave a relationship or marriage too soon because of a few misunderstandings or conflicts if you want to make it work. Rather look for ways to make it work. Affection is greater than your conflict.

Before you go to the family or court for a break up or call it quit, book for a counseling session. Because no one knows everything, it is always good to seek help. That is what makes you a better and stronger person.

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