Kalsoume Sinare: I Will Not Allow My Children To Marry A Christian

Kalsoume Sinare, a veteran Ghanaian actress, has said unequivocally that she would never allow her child to marry a Christian.


Some religions find it extremely difficult to enable their members to marry members of other faiths. Some parents may allow their children to marry someone of another religion, but in most circumstances, such unions are not permitted.


Members of the Islamic faith have strong fundamental convictions, and as a result, they would wish to maintain family lineage by ensuring that each family member marries someone of the same faith.


The same is true in the Christian faith, where most Christians choose to raise their children in the Christian faith rather than have them raised with a different set of beliefs.


According to Ghana’s constitution, a citizen may convert to any religion of his or her choosing if he or she has strong grounds, whether personal or general, and a desire to live according to that religion’s principles.


Kalsoume Sinare revealed in an interview with Zionfelix, a lifestyle and celebrity blogger, that she will not allow her child to marry a Christian for personal reasons.

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Speaking about the new forthcoming film “Zongo Boys,” Kalsoume Sinare remarked that it will be a difficult decision for her to allow her kid to marry a Christian, but if she had her way, she would never allow her child to marry a Christian for whatever reason.


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