Mindblowing Sex in the Shower Positions

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Ever fantasised about having sex in the shower? Of course you have, you sexy beast. In fact, according to the sex toy company We Vibe, 20% of Brits regularly fantasise about having sex in the shower. But when it comes to getting wet and wild (and clean and shiny), sometimes the fantasy is better than the reality.

Let’s face it, sex in the shower can be difficult. Will you both fit? Are you in a rush to get ready for work? Is someone else in the house causing the water pressure to drop? Do you have clean, dry hair and a full face of makeup? Are you relying on condoms for contraception?

Whatever your reason for shunning shower sex, know that you can make this fantasy a sexy reality with a discussion with your partner and knowing the positions that suit both of you (and your shower).


What are some easy sex positions for the shower?

Intimacy and foreplay
While not penetrative sex, being intimate with each other and exploring foreplay together is an ideal way to get sexy in the shower. Washing and touching one another under flowing water can help you connect and it can even feel symbolic of washing away your worries from the day and focusing on your lover.


Hand jobs and fingering
Any sort of manual stimulation is straightforward in the shower. Your feet can be firmly planted on the ground, while you tilt your head away from the stream of water and look seductively into your lover’s eyes.


Water play
The showerhead can be fun, fun, fun. And adding a waterproof sex toy into the mix can create a whole new world of pleasure.


Shower Sex Position: The Dancer
Both of you stand facing each other. One of you then wraps your leg around the other’s waist. A delightful position for intimate penetration, eye contact and lots of snogging – try not to slip!


Shower Sex Position: Doggy
Doggy, but wetter. The receiver can lean against the shower wall or bend forwards to the ground for a deeper angle of penetration. Just be wary of headrushes!


Which shower sex positions are more difficult (but a whole lot of fun when you get them right)?

Oral sex
Oral in the shower isn’t always easy and a mouthful of water makes a mouthful of dick less pleasurable. But there are a number of benefits to be gained from oral sex in the shower. Firstly, you’re both squeaky clean. It’s also very easy to rinse cum from your mouth and you get the added benefit of killing two birds with one stone (getting ready for the day and shagging? Yes please!). If you’re new to rimming, doing so in the shower can seem like a cleaner way of exploring your partner’s bum. To make oral sex in the shower easier on the giver’s knees, fold or roll flannels and kneel on them.


Tips for Sexy Shower Sex

If you tend to prefer water-based lube, reconsider silicone-based lube or coconut oil to avoid things drying up. Just the water from the shower isn’t enough lubrication for a fun time.

Soapy suds
Repeat after me: I do not want soap or shampoo up my vag. I do not want soap or shampoo up my vag.


Hang tight (Safety)

Shower sex can get slippery, hold on to the door handle, the shower operating knobs or each other. But don’t rely on door handles or shower knobs to support your weight – they might break and your To Do List will grow. Instead, buy suction shower handles, waterproof ledges or stools to help you both get (and stay) in position. And while you’re at it, buy a sticky shower floor mat to stop your feet from slipping around.



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