Mirage and Memories – Okoroji Chidiebere A.

Mirage and Memories – Okoroji Chidiebere A.


We used to think the world is all we HAVE!


We are deplorables set to cause a commotion in an aftermath of the very reasons we LIVE.

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We had these feelings but, in the past and present future, we just don’t care of it’s consequences. People says: ‘humans are REVOLVERS and uniquely GIFTED’.

Hmm! That’s the painful way of putting it. We lost both our pride and arrogance to our ignorance. A foolish gesture we exhibit EVERYDAY!


In the memories past, we had, really fought for a future we thought we will be comfortable. Though the funny thing is, we are not yet sure if there is even a FUTURE worth fighting for.


Our imagination and perception drives us NUTS and makes us reckless because we humans NEVER LEARN.

We challenge even our very existence and cursed the ways of those who saw the past in the present future we are living. We mock their ways of life, their tradition and their culture. We mock what they all represent not knowing that we are mocking OURSELVES.


We see this things as mirage and Memories. We can’t stop or destroy destiny. Every man is a moving TRAIN. Just that our destination in life is different, but our PURPOSE is the same.


While the DEAD knows nothing, the LIVING keep GUESSING!

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