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The personality of Mudashiru Obasa is a façade that covers a weak character, cheat and a liar.

Yorubas are blessed and rich in proverb, like “ti Ile Kan ba ntoro omo ale ibe ni o ti dagba” meaning “if a house is peaceful, the bastards are still toddlers growing up”.

The word Obasa itself is a Taboo and bad omen in Yoruba land which translate to “The king runs”. The king abandons his people, clan and town to run for cover. We won’t be surprised if Obasa decides to run having damaged the entire pollical and administrative structures that threw him up as Speaker, and same that have sustained the art of governance in Lagos State over the years.

The truth must be said about Obasa, the weak-nead, his extra Marital affair that cost Nike Ajubosin aka Madam Speaker her first marriage, financial misappropriation, his insecurity which led to the sack of Chief of Staff, Media aides and some other aides, rendering of his colleagues to Yes-Men, his failed plan to take over Ifako-Ijaye and his failed attempt to disunite the United and strong Alimosho which now led to readjusting the existing Divisions point to one simple fact that Obasa is the most unfortunate human being to have occupied the exalted position of the Speaker of the House of Assembly in the history of Lagos State.

Obasa has continued to reel in his ruin with perplexity, and with stubbornness and selfishness, and has turned his back on voice of reasons simply because it clashed with his selfish lifestyle, stay hold on power order to actualize his inordinate ambition. It is a matter of time, he will be consumed by his poor tactics.


Obasa with obsession and compulsion disorder plans setting Lagos on fire ahead of 2023 elections by disorganizing the already organized Divisions simply because of his Senatorial Ambition. Obasa intentionally disorganized the structures by moving Alimosho , his albatross, to Badagry , in preparation for an argument later in 2023 that Badagry division had represented Lagos West twice.

Obasa had put knife to the cord and bond that binds Lagos together, obasa’s maniac had eaten deeply into the peaceful co-existence and mutual respect we have for each division like the deadly cancer and what remains is just the carcass.

We call on our leaders to please call Obasa who is now suffering from Obsession and Compulsion disorder to order.

Alan Babx

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