My Husband Abandoned Me, Our Children For More Than 10 Yrs – Wife

My Husband Abandoned Me, Our Children For More Than 10 Yrs - Wife

A woman, Monsurat Odewale, recently dragged her husband, Lekan Odewale,  before Ile Tuntun Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State, praying that it end their union.


Monsurat accused her husband of irresponsibility and neglect.


According to her, Lekan was indifferent to her welfare and that of their children.

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The plaintiff added the defendant suddenly moved out of their apartment and abandoned her and their three children.


She stated that she and their children had no option than to move out of their apartment five months after Lekan left because she couldn’t afford the rent which was escalating.



Monsurat thus pleaded with the court to end their marriage and grant her custody of their three children.

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Lekan refused that their marriage be dissolved.


The defendant explained that he loved his wife but that her parents were against their marriage and never ceased to insult him.


According to him, he ensured he paid his children’s school fees as at when due and also meet their other needs.

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The defendant stated that despite all he did, his in-laws still poisoned the mind of his first child against him.


The plaintiff in her testimony said, “My lord, my husband is heartless. He abandoned me and our children for almost 10 years and never bothered to check on our welfare.


“I had our first and second child in my parents’ house because he wasn’t giving me the needed attention during pregnancy. My parents were solely responsible for my ante natal care.

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“I had our third child in his house and was overjoyed thinking that things were gradually taking shape in our marriage, but he suddenly dropped the bombshell.



“My husband told me my parents told him we were not meant for each other and as such, our marriage could not work. Lekan thereafter moved out of our home.


“I waited endlessly for his return for five months but he refused to come home.


“I moved out of our apartment after this because the rent was escalating and becoming unaffordable.


“My lord, Lekan’s attitude towards me and our children shows he is not interested in us.


“I, therefore, appeal to this honourable court to dissolve our wedlock and grant me custody of our children,” the plaintiff begged.


Lekan in response said, “I don’t agree that our marriage be dissolved. I love my wife, but her parents have refused that our marriage work.


“They told me we are not meant for each other and therefore our marriage can’t work.


“They are the ones who encouraged her to come to court.


“My parents in-law insisted that my wife had our children in their home but I stood against this the third time she wanted to put to bed.


“They insulted me for insisting on having my way but I bore all the insults because I love my wife.


“My lord, it was Monsurat who moved out of our apartment with the children, I didn’t.



“I have been committed to our children’s welfare since she left me. I check on them in their school and pay their school fees as at when due.  I also meet their other needs.


“My parents in-law on learning that I come to our children’s school got angry and changed their school.

“Not done, they poisoned our first child’s mind against me,” Lekan stated.


Ruling, the court  president, Chief Olasunkanmi Agbaje, adjourned the case and ordered both parties to come with their children and parents.



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