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EDO: The Many alleged Sins of Gov. Godwin Obaseki

I find it extremely funny that Samson Osagie a member of Edo People’s Movement would be telling the leader of the APC in Edo by virtue of him being the governor of the state and the ruling party to try an unknown party to test his popularity.


It is now very Visible to the blind and Audible to the deaf that Samson Osagie and his Co-horts do not mean well for Edo, He has now confirmed the obvious truth which the governor have been telling us, They are quite aware that Obaseki will never share money to politicians at the expense of the state hence they want him out at all cost.


What exactly are Governor Obaseki Sins??????? Is it wrong for a man to prioritize his people over selfish politicians

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In your words you said ” He came in with the Machiavellian Principal that ‘destroy the kingmaker so that he doesn’t make any other king when he comes” Are you saying the governor Should forget his principles and allow godfatherism in Edo despite knowing the serious efforts put in to dethrone godfatherism in Edo State.


In an attempt to present the governor in bad light Samson Osagie has exposed himself and his Co-horts.


I am glad Governor Obaseki has refused to be distracted because I know this is one of the gimmicks of the enemies of Edo to distract the wake and see governor, I read today that he has earmark 6 Billion for Community development projects across the state, That is exactly how it should be, Politics Should be about the “People” not “Greedy Politicians.


God bless Edo State


Igunbor Sarah

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