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Secret Fulani Plan Unveiled – THE COMPROMISED ARMY CHIEF

Secret Fulani Plan Unveiled - THE COMPROMISED ARMY CHIEF


Last week, two Igbo officers, Lt. Col. Okeke and Lt. Col. Ajah, alongside 44 other, predominantly Southern and Middle Belt Christian officers lost their lives in a conspiracy hatched by Fulani Senior officers. Perhaps you heard the reprehensible news of how Airforce jet mistakenly bombed officers and men, thinking they were Boko Haram. It was rather a planned deal.


Stage 1.
Lt. Col. ND Okeke, Commanding Officer Admin., Nigerian army was holding security meeting with 43 other Southern Christian officers in Bornu at the instance of the Military High Command. Minutes into the meeting, high ranking personnel of Boko Harm mercenaries, dressed in the rank of Maj. Generals and well armed entered the meeting room, having been granted access by higher conspiracy. Thinking they were senior officers, Lt. Col. Okeke and 43 other officers stood to welcome them in. They were mistaken. Within few minutes, all of them were gunned down. The carnage was so horrible that the Chief of Army Staff, Lt. Gen. Jega ordered that no report, picture or video of that should ever be published, posted or shared; threatening anyone that went against his order to face court-martial. No single Fulani officer was there, none was a victim. Such was a ploy to wipe out Southern and Middle Belt Officers.



Stage 2.
Lt. Col. Ajah was in the Battle Field in Bornu again Boko Haram insurgents. They were poorly equipped. And the Boko Haram insurgents were better equipped with state-of-the-art military equipments, hither-to unknown in Nigeria. Majority of the soldiers on the battlefield were Southerners and Middle Beltans. Boko Haram overwhelmed Lt. Col. Ajah and his men. He quickly called for reinforcements.

Instead of the Military High Command to send regular soldiers, they mobilized a battalion of Boko Haram and ISIS mercenaries and got them well equipped. Lt. Col. Ajah was again, like Lt. Col. Okeke, mistaken. He opened the channel, only for his men to be wiped out.

Secret Fulani Plan Unveiled - THE COMPROMISED ARMY CHIEF
Secret Fulani Plan Unveiled – THE COMPROMISED ARMY CHIEF

Stage 3.
Those who escaped the pogrom took to their heels to save their lives and report the conspiracy and sabotage. The Funani officer-agent detailed to accomplish the mission quickly sent signal and the Airforce was sent to level the escaping ones. THIS WAS THE NEWS OF MISTAKEN BOMBING OF SOLDIERS ON BATTLE GROUND BY THE AIRFORCE. It was an insider-job.


Stage 4.
They are in a final stage to full Islamization of the South and the Middle Belt.
The President – Fulani
Senate President – Fulani
Chief Justice of the Federation – Fulani
Deputy Speaker – Fulani
Chief of Army Staff – Fulani
Chief of Naval Staff – Fulani
Inspector General of Police – Fulani
Director, DSS – Fulani
National Security Adviser – Fulani
Minister of Defense – Fulani
Commander, NSCDC – Fulani
Chairman, NDLEA – Fulani
Director, National Intelligence Agency – Fulani
Director, Military Intelligence – Fulani
Director, Naval Intelligence – Fulani
Director, Air force Intelligence -Fulani
Director, Immigration – Fulani
Director, Nigerian Authority – Fulani
Comptroller, Apapa and Tin Can Ports Lagos – Fulani
Commandant, Murtala Mohammed International Airport Lagos – Fulani
General Manager, NNPC – Fulani
Minister, Petroleum Resources – Fulani
…… All these key & top positions and others are All Fulani



Stage 5.
Late 2021 to Mid-2022, commencement of final elimination f Southern and Middle Belf officers and men in the army.

Appointment of Fulani Police Commissioners in all Southern/Middle Belt States.

Nigerian army and Boko Haram merge together


Stage 6.
Dethroned Sanusi in Lagos in readiness as Emir of Lagos
Detail El-Rufai to up Boko Haram financial support
Only the Fulani herdsmen are licensed to carry gun
NIN meant to register African Fulani as Nigerian Citizens
Issue them with Nigerian passports( Kano, Katsina, Kaduna filled with foreigners).
Stop remmittances by Diaspora Southerners
Install puppet governors to further their mission
Export Fulani with Okada bikes to Lagos, using Dangote trucks and refinery
Take over Southern and Middle Belt forests as RUGA
Establish Fulani Colonies


Stage 7.
Invade Yorubaland forests
Invade Lagos and Ogun
Take over SeaPorts and access the Seas and import more arms from Turkey
Eliminate prominent Yoruba leaders, decimate their youths.
Declare Lagos Emirate


Stage 8.
Send advance armed men to Igboland
Face the South East with brazen force
Close Akanu Ibiam International Airport to international flights
Destroy all Igbo businesses and manufactures
Leave no male child alive
Burn down every Church
Establish Caliphate in Igboland


Stage 9.
Move towards Niger Delta
WIKE will be a victim.
Take over Port Harcourt Sea and Airport
Assemble all Biafra Agitator and kill them all.

Secret Fulani Plan Unveiled - THE COMPROMISED ARMY CHIEF
Secret Fulani Plan Unveiled – THE COMPROMISED ARMY CHIEF

Benue State should as matter of urgency join rank with SOUTH-EAST

Flush out all South East Governors now

Chase away all South East Senators

All Biafran Groups MUST merge now and be armed and ready to confront, deal and decimate.

Full-Blown Biafran Government must be formed asap.

All south easterners & south-south personnel in the army, air force and navy must plan to get out asap.

All south easterners & south-south personnel in respective foreign countries’ army in Diaspora must organize and ready to assist.

Yoruba should grab Ilorin at once

Divide Kogi



Yoruba and Middle Belt should rise now. They are the first and principal targets.

Do not register or sign in for NIN. NIN contains all your information & specifically tied to your cell phone and will be use to locate you via GPS and ‘Triangulization’ any where you are in Nigeria. NIN will be handed to BH, Fulani Miyethi Allah, Fulani Herdsmen, ISWAP to track you down.

They are seriously plotting to eliminate Governor Ortom of Benue State.


Intelligence Report from a Northern Christian sympathizer

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