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For the ignorant ones supporting President Mohammadu Buhari’s Water Resources Bill, hear me and hear me out!

There are two very important things everyone needs to know about the Water Bill being pushed by the Federal Government at the moment.

1. Upon that the failed Federal Government of Nigeria could not provide ordinary drinking water for its citizens, it wants the citizens to still pay unnecessary taxes for drilling boreholes. This means that if Water Bill is passed and implemented, you MUST pay tax to the Federal Government if you drill borehole for commercial use in any part of the country.

2. The biggest ISSUE is that about 6 kilometers of land across every river in Nigeria shall belong to the Federal Government. This means that the Federal Government shall have 100% power to make use of every land across every river in Nigeria (either for RUGA or anything the Government wishes). Therefore, you ignorant ones supporting President Buhari’s Water Resources Bill to be passed and implemented, bear in mind that the Federal Government shall have power to make use of 6 kilometers of every land across every river in Nigeria – your community included. Can you ask yourself why those from the North support the Water Bill? Did you know the Southern Nigeria has more rivers than the North? Which part of the country do you think shall lose more of its lands if Water Bill is passed and implemented? What exactly do you think President Buhari as a cattle rearer, can use 6 kilometers of every land across every river in Nigeria to do?

Wear your thinking cap!

A lot of APC myopic sycophants think it is right to support every move or decision of the Government just because of “party politics”. But I advise them to wake up before water drowns them. Let every Southerner say NO to Water Resources Bill!

Did you know former Governor of Akwa-Ibom, Godswill Akpabio rejected Water Bill when he was at the Senate? He said then that it is against the progress of the people of Niger Delta. But unfortunately at the moment, Akpabio supports Water Bill just because he is in APC. He is no more after the interest of his good people, rather, selfishness and greed have taken over him. Its very unfortunate! But thank God Akpabio is not at the Senate to decide the passage of Water Bill at the moment. Every well-meaning Nigerian should know that implementation of Water Bill at the moment, is anti-federalism. The incompetent federal government wants to get every kobo from Nigerians as taxes, but it is not ready to deliver good governance. No dividends of democracy in Nigeria at the moment as the masses live in hardship.

Every reasonable Nigerian is clamouring for ” Restructuring”, while APC government is much after Water Bill, which shows they do not have the interest of the masses at heart.

Nigeria is about four countries in one and therefore, needs total restructuring or devolution of powers to States and Local Governments. Why is Mr. President and his North brothers much in support of Water Bill at the moment? How many rivers do we have in the North compare with rivers everywhere in the Southern Nigeria? They want to take over Nigeria, especially the Southern territories! You from the Southern part of Nigeria, say NO to Water Resources Bill. Wear your thinking cap!

Comrade CHILAGOROM Ifeanyi
Concerned Nigerian Citizen
[email protected]

Hey! If you are reading this, then you must have read what I published above. Whether you like it or not, is you feeling at the moment. Don't pass it at me. Jo! ma kora momi. A mo, you are free to express yourself by using the comment section below.
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