Why a Man shouldn’t glance at another Girl with Woman beside him

Why a Man shouldn’t glance at another Girl with Woman beside him
Sincerely, I believe it wrong for a man to glance through another girl when his girl is beside him.
Don’t get it twisted, it not a crime but I can say it a crime when a man stare at another lady for minutes when his girl is beside her.


It a crime because as a man u’ve already give your girl that instinct that she’s not good enough which means u’ve destroy her self esteem from the minute you stare at another girl.


Glancing through a girl is half way tolerated by your girl cus she would instantly believe u appreciate her or you like probably her hair, makeup or her outfit.


I know some would say staring at a girl too can mean the man appreciate her makeup, hair or her outfit but every man should please start learning how to glance through for one second not staring for minutes cuz both sex knows how most females can be less tolerance and temperamental.


Staring at another girl when your girl is present basically means your girl isn’t good looking enough or not attractive enough. As a man, u’ve also create a negative or bad image that lowers or damage her self esteem as a female or your girl.


If your girl isn’t presentable enough or good looking enough, as a real man why can’t you sit her down and tell her what and what you really want her to start wearing or how you want her to look like and buying her those outfits, accessories or cosmetics needed to look good not just by telling her only.


But some selfish guys would keep appreciate other girls outside rather than making their girls look good enough for their taste.


To be candid, it really disappointing cause you ain’t grateful of the one you have and it shows how irresponsible a guy is when staring at another girl when his girl is beside him.


Unknown to you, that you driving away the passion, feelings of the relationship. It shows you have no little respect for her and she means nothing to you.


Change her and don’t break her instead.



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